Girls und Panzer Mod – WoT

In honor to the recent release of the Girls und Panzer movie, players can download an unique mod with the tanks from the anime. All changes will be visible only to the ones who install it.

The mod pack contains:

-42 tank skins;
-a new crew soundtrack;
-changed garage;
-new tanker portraits.

It can be downloaded here:


24 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Mod – WoT

    1. >the real thing was garbage plagued with mechanical failure
      Probably the reason, we can’t have real tanks, only tanks made in some paper Ivan used to clean his shoes out of mud.


    2. It has the Bert gun – 114mm howitzer. That’s currently a tier 7 LT material, along the lines of old VK28.01 with 105mm derp.


    1. Fun fact: anime with cute school girls is widely liked by grown men, that’s just how the world works. Apart from cute anime girls GuP also has, well, tanks. And you know who like tanks, right? Mind blown.

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  1. They’re just normal tanks with different color and cartoonish emblems. Looks beeter than some official camo we already have in game.
    Some people just hate it because it’s anime.

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  2. Some interesting stuff I noticed. There is this new GuP PS4 game released lately. What I noticed is the tanks in the game use the models of WoT thanks to the partnership and collaboration I guess. The textures are different but if you look the tanks you’ll see similarities with wot tanks.
    But this game has some tanks what WoT doesn’t have, especially some Italian tanks, while CV33 is quite unlikely to appear in WoT with dual MG ( unless WG add a breda 20mm gun which I sure hope to happen) there is the Semovente TD. I hope this is a tiny bit of sight that Italian TDs are work in progress in WoT too, with this Semovente, one less tank model they have to do later 🙂

    This video collects all the gup tanks in the game:


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