Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC Pictures

Bonus: description of the tier 8 premium medium tank:

One of the modifications of the post-war British tank Centurion Mk. 5, had reinforced front armor, better armament and a more powerful engine. The distinguishing feature of the vehicle is an additional 100-gallon fuel tank, located at the rear of the tank and no armor screens. It was in the possession of Australian armored units during the Vietnam War.

Credit: wot.express


21 thoughts on “Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC Pictures

    1. Nar mate, this has glorious Aussie steel on the upper plate. so its UFP is 120mm thick. Essentially it’s a Centurion 7/1 in every way (armor and mobility) but with the Centurion 1’s 20pdr


    2. I’m sorry but you are wrong on both aspects, the new premium uses one of the earlier production turrets, the AX came all the way at the end of the Centurion service life
      in addition it can never be a copy of the Centurion Mk.1 since in reality the Mk.1 available in the game sort of becomes a fully equiped Centurion Mk.3 when elited, in fact the Mk.3 was so much better IRL that all Mk.2 a and Mk.1 were sent to reserve as soon as the Mk.3 entered service, it was also the first to use the 20pdrs since until then the Mk.1 and Mk.2 used the 17pdr gun
      precisely because the Mk.1 was stored they could then use it’s turrets to mount on other Centurion Variants, that’s where the Centurion Mk.5/1 comes with the bonus that it’s hull was uparmored compared to the normal Mk.5 variant, in conclusion the Mk.5/1 should actualy be better than the regular Tier 8 Centurion unless it’s engine power is too low since the researcheable Centurion Mk.1 might be using some planned upgrades, such as engine power, that were never carried out on the other production variants

      all that said it should never be a copy of the current Tier 8 but should be closer in gameplay and thus better for crew training than the FV4202
      in my opinion it is worth buying just for it’s looks and if in the future they decide to split the tier 8 into 2 (by renaming it Mk.3) and add a tier 7 Mk.1 I would like to get it as well, be it premium or regular progression tank
      the Mk.1 (probably with the Mk.2 turret as an upgrade) would work at tier 7 without any problem, 76mm of armour and 17pdr gun aren’t OP if you consider the Jumbo has more armour at tier 6 and the Panther also has more armour at the same tier, furthermore the Sherman Firefly has acess to the 17pdr at tier VI, as gun options there would be the usual QF 75mm/77mm or the 6pdr, it could also use an earlier variant of the 17pdr or the famous 95mm howitzer used on the Mk.4 CS variant

      as a bonus they could add the A41 (Polsten 20mm) or A41 (Besa MG) as a premium tier 7 Centurion Mk.1 prototype


  1. If it will really be a better armored Centurion with better horsepower, it will be pure powercreep. Unless they do something with dpm or gunstats, but the Centurion isn’t shining in that department already…

    However, the model looks cool.


  2. Make this a researchable tier 8, then the MK12 with the “Resilient Mantlet” turret the Caern now has and then the Chieftain as tier 10.
    Done, new British mini branch…


  3. What’s the point of this? Sorry, I’m not too well versed with British tanks.

    If this is just a P med T8 tank. Isn’t just another FV4202? I.e big booty, thicc turret and no DPM?


    1. The point? Well, you see comrade, those who have already bought the 4202 can now spend money on this, too. Plus, this is better than the 4202, so people who weren’t going to buy the 4202 can now buy this.


      1. From all the stats so far.
        Slightly higher DPM, tougher turret, better engine power. Worst terrain resist.

        Still nothing about gun handling…. Well yes Ivan you are right, this is better.


  4. > It was in the possession of Australian armored units during the Vietnam War.

    Patton: “Cent! You look like hammered shit.”

    Centurion RAAC: “Looks don’t count for shit on the server. This is WoT, baby!”


  5. So, GIANT hitbox fuel tank now ? It’s not in .tanks.GG yet. Big weakspot just above the tracks in front, where all the “improved” armor is ? MORE chances to ammorack ? Also, it’s ability to hide behind rocks is now, to me, stupid limited. Ass is always gonna be visible.
    WHY all the HATE towards UK ?


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