WoT – WZ-111 Qilin

After datamining the 1.0 client, a new tank was found, named the WZ-111 Qilin. Most likely another cashgrab for the CN server, but you never know. There are no screenshots yet, but if you google for a qilin, then you might have a rough idea on how it will look like.

Tier: HT-10, China, special/premium
HP: 2200
Engine power: 750 HP
Weight: 50 t
Max. weight: 55 t
Power-to-weight: 15 HP/t
Max. forward/reverse speed: 50 / 15 km/h
Traverse speed: 37.55 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 31.29 °/s
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 750 m

Hull armor: 140 / 120 / 60
Turret armor: 300 / 180 / 60

Gun: 130 mm 59-130TA QL

Damage: 560 / 560 / 660
Penetration: 250 / 340 / 65
RPM: 4.85
DPM: 2716
Reload time: 12.37 s
Accuracy: 0.37
Aim time: 2.4 s
Gun depression/elevation: -7 / +23


12 thoughts on “WoT – WZ-111 Qilin

  1. Tanks.gg has it in the list for compare. Stats wise almost identical to WZ111-1-5A but more alpha and less ROF, slightly better gun handling on the move and during traverse. Turret traverse is better and shell cost is more.


        1. CN server is not a WG run server. But they pay “royalties” to WG to be allowed to host it there. So they get access to the WG dev server. They have made a few tanks in cooperation with WG. But most of the tanks they have sold on tier X are CW rewards before they are even given out here.


  2. The Chinese really have mastered capitalism. Meanwhile the Russians won’t sell a Chieftain to the tens of thousand who want one because reasons.

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