Developer Diaries: Polish Tech Tree


35 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Polish Tech Tree

  1. In my opinion, the Polish line could merge with the Czech line into Warsaw Pact line, along with Hungarian/Bulgarian/Romanian/East German tanks. During WWII, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania were allied with Nazi Germany, and they had received some German tanks at that time.


    1. Issue is, the only Hungarian vehicle which was developed during the Warsaw Pact times was the D-442 FÚG which is an armoured car with 2 machine guns so in my opinion the older vehicles which were made/planned during WW II wouldn’t really fit there.

      If you want to put it in an already existing tech tree it should be 1 or 2 branches in the German tech tree.

      Or they could sweep through the archives to see if they could find something usable which I doubt since Karika already did a search and make a seperate Hungarian tree.

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      1. Agreed, according to Karika’s research we could create a ‘basically historical’ Hungarian tech tree, from tier 1 to 10, with a unique tier 1, to top it off.


          1. I haven’t actually talked with him in a good while, but the last time I did he said that he didn’t.
            However, we shouldn’t worry. If WG can make literal napkin tanks into reality, we can make a little stretch and make up our own tier 8 and 9 tanks: Tas TD for tier 8 and Straussler MBT Prototípus for tier 9.
            Made up, sure, but so is the Polish tree.

            Of the desk in the video: He’s drinking Unicum to become a unicum, I know these people’s secret! 🙂

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            1. Yeah, I was thinking the same after watching this video. The only way Hungary can get a separate tree is if WG makes up a few tanks in it and they aren’t afraid to do it in the case of the Polish tree so I hope are willing to do the same for the Hungarians.

              Just tell the people that the wooden mockups of these vehicles were destroyed during a pálinkafőzés 😀

              Yeah, I know, historical realism and stuff, but those are out of the window for a long time now. As long as those two tanks would be somewhat historical I’d say it’s fine.


              1. I’m sure you are aware of the history behind the Tas TD, so as I said, it’s ‘there’, as much as the university thesis of a Polish engeneer student.
                I think we should actually contact Karika and get his tree to these WG devs somehow.


                1. Yeah, I’ve heard the story of it.

                  I don’t think WG really needs a Hungarian proposal currently since they are busy with the Italian and Polish trees. Hell even the two Russian Tier X tanks were postponed to 2019 according to a recent forum post on the Russian region.

                  Anyway feel free to give it a try, it wouldn’t hurt if WG got the news, that Karika has a full Hungarian branch.

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    2. I like the idea.

      wg dont care about historical corectness, half just blueprints. so who cares about that historicaly warsaw pact was just a short time.

      In my opinion one pact tree with 3 to 4 seperate nation lines make mire sense instead of 5 cz trees with just 1 tank line.

      or the japanese, which becames a blueprint heavy tree to get one more tree.

      I think if there will be 20 more trees it will be harder for beginners.
      although every new tankline makes game balancing harder.

      just a thought, after 30.000 games new trees are not that important for me. although in cw an season mostly you see just a quarter of the top tanks. over a half of the tanks are not powerfull enough. or really gard to be good at. I would put my energy on other open work instead of raising up the complexity of the game.


      1. paxson the number of TT does not matter for begginers because almost all start the game with a certan nation in mind, since they should, at least, have heard of one or two famous tanks, others chose the flag of the country that interests them the most (be it because of pop culture or something else) or, in some cases, they are surprised to see their own flag in the game

        personally when I joined WoT I had a goal of unlocking the T30 and T29, I did know of a few interesting tanks before knowing of WoT but the T29 was the one that struck me the most and as soon as I knew it was in the game my goal became unlocking it, I’m sure that just like myself there are many others who have an initial goal of unlocking the Tiger or the KV-1, having 20 or only 5 TTs does not change anything


    3. 1st: I have to mention they have said the decision about multinational trees will be made after the current plans are concluded
      TTs: Italian, Swiss, Polish, expansion of existing trees like Japanese TDs and Chieftain Line, Hungarian and Romanian; balance; PVE like in WoWs; game modes; armoured cars; amphibian tanks were mentioned again
      that means around 2020

      2nd: wether a vehicle was or not developed after the Warsaw Pact was signed means nothing, they wouldn’t suddenly decide:
      «now that we signed the pact we can get rid of all of our previous works, we should also get rid of all the outdated stuff currently in service even when we still don’t have a replacement for it»

      a Pact is also about cooperation, sharing discoveries you made in the past with older projects fits the criteria

      3rd: there’s no need for such TT, I think some might know the player made revision of the Czech TT, it adds a few lines and would make it a more complete TT, additionally when we talk about post-pact Polish and Czech tank building it was either joint projects for armoured cars or license built soviet tanks, the same for the East German Army that received a ton of Czech built stuf like the T-72, T-55A or PT-76 (these PT-76/85 and Obj.906 would be the natural LTs for the soviets, unlike the totally OP “lighter”-medium tanks)

      4th: the ones I see making more sense going together would be the Romanian and Hungarian because Romania has those higher tier mediums while Hungary has the Tas up to tier 7/8, the problem is that both nations TD lines would overlap in the same tiers
      without the WG “discovered” higher tiers for the Polish mediums it would be a nice fit with the Romanian TT

      with WG “Design Bureau” “fixing” the Polish and Italian hightiers and Karika having presented a possible Hungarian TT all that’s left are the Romanians and those could instead share the TT with the Yugoslavs and their Sherman with the soviet 122mm canon


  2. who can confirm, that it will not be a clones of russian tanks like china? Seems like WG do polish only for polish players, which has a big comunite in EU server, nobody other cares about these polsky chwastys tanks


    1. More like napkin tanks
      Tier 1-3 are built or prototypes, 4-6 are paper, tier 7-8 are napkin tanks, and tier 9 and 10 probably have even less info than progetto 46


      1. @MemeMachine
        Tier 1-3 built and tested, tiers 4-5 (probably KSUSTs) are paper, but if 6 is 25TP from PZInż. the project was quite advanced (wooden mockup was built) [check article here: Details->History]

        We dont know what tanks are from 7-10, but check for example this:
        It was provided by WG, it says about heavy tank concept with armor up to 200 mm. It isn’t napkin, but graduation thesis from military academy, so IMO a bit better… but according to my info, most of this materials was destroyed in 80s, so this is a reason of reconstruction. I would say, that situation on heigh tiers are very similar to Italians.


        1. Not really.
          The tier 8 was real just the turret and gun is difgerent
          The tier 9 is completely real and tested
          The tier 10 has plentful of information and blueprints (even the specifications are real and they are taken from a military italian megazine detailing the requests of the italian army to the german companies when they were thinking of buying leopard)

          Now lets look at polish
          Tier 8 no blueprins or information
          Tier 9 no blueprints or information
          Tier 10 no blueprints or infornation


          1. Nope. Italian tier 8 at the moment is far from hitorically correct. Hull is different, turret is made and auto-loader from OTO-Centauro auto-loader in Panther in 40s? Rly?
            Tier 9 is OK, but in fact it is German tank (but again auto-loader due to “line special”).
            About tier 10… “plentful of information and blueprints” gimmie. At the moment this and perm tier VIII need more details, becuse we have none.

            I’m not saying that these tanks are fake, but more info is needed.

            Back to PL tanks…
            Tier 8 dont know what it is.
            Tier 9 dont know what it is.
            Tier 10 dont know what it is.
            So how do you know that there are no blueprints or infornation? IMO do what I’m doing – hold you horses and wait for more details. It’s too early to judge.


          2. YES! thank you for realizing that Italian tanks are real enough to work and that most info came from classified archives that you have to pay money to access! (Not sarcasm) but about the polish tanks I do agree most of them are paper and even napkin tanks I mean roophert is right about tier 6 but tiers 8-10 are paper or just some Ideas from Grad students which is paper I’m pretty sure WG would not do this if they had a choice.


            1. The main wg italian tank historian has that info, fulcrum
              Also we know that the polish tier 8 9 and 10 have no info beacose the devs themselfs said it in the video…
              What part of “they are made up” you dont get?


              1. Sorry my bad, I was talking based on PL version (and my knowledge; WG did it in their way and I’m not happy about that, but still I want to learn something more) of video and translation was different…


  3. We have T54, armor modification, you can find picture.

    Full T55 license.

    yet WG just scraped that and do HT. WHAT KIND OFF. FFS.


  4. The main reason why there is a “Polish” tank line is that there is very high concentration of tankers in Poland. Internet interest of Poland on 4/4/2018 is over 3 to 1 over neighboring country Germany. WoT never does anything out of being nice. They are playing the “Patriotic” card here. WG is trying to shore up their losing player base with these short term gimmicks as we all know that Soviet Russia won World War II all by themselves… That is why in less in 2 years World of Tanks became a Eastern Europe game with 75% of their player base is in now.


    1. I dunno who told you that WG is losing players, it’s incorrect, but WG is definetely is playing patriotic card here like they were doing for years with Soviet tanks. And Poland is a huge market for that, polaks are playing this game even more than belarus people apparently.


  5. we are releasing a premium MT of a new nation, after a time we let out a branch of the same nation and the top in it is HT. In this scenario, I retrain the crew from the premium MT to the top HT, with a fine for silver or no fine for a gold, but then this one crew can fine-tune only the top HT, but not the premium MT. With this option, the Pudel becomes useless. Bravo wargaming!


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