Explaining Mechanics: Armor Penetration

Source: World of Tanks Europe

How do armor penetration mechanics work? What is the difference between shell types? Which shell type should you use, depending on the circumstance? When do you hear “Critical hit!” without inflicting any damage?

20 thoughts on “Explaining Mechanics: Armor Penetration

  1. So the tank firing AP is shooting on the strongest part of the Conq GC, while the HE one shoots the weak superstructure, how’s that for consistency? If the guy firing AP also aimed at the sloped upper plate he would not be dealing anywhere close to full damage…


  2. WG really needs to completely rework ammo system and damage dealing system, so the damage you do won’t be based on alpha and RNG only, but also on module layout inside a tank. Like, ehem, Armored Warfare.


      1. The problem is that AW is shit, my dude. And besides, WG wants to rebalance ammo anyway and I don’t really see how can they do that without damage model rework.


        1. Thing is, not all tanks have the same amout of weakspots to beginn with, some can be damaged only on the lower plate, some only on the cupola, and some on the lower plate, cupola and turret front. Having the sheels deal different damage depending on where you shoot it is a balancing failure.

          Lets say a tiger II or kv4 meets a defender hull down, the defender can shoot the tiger II and kv4 turret front time after time but the tiger II or kv4 might only pen the turret cupolas on the defender. It is alreaddy hard to hit weakspots, why punish players to deal less damage hitting those weakspots?


          1. Actually KV-4 and Tiger 2 have APCR with more than enough pen to go through Defender’s turret. And threy will actually have advantage there, cause they actually have decent accuracy and Tiger 2 has good gun handling to boot.


  3. Oh well heaves forbid we forget the TWENTY FIVE PERCENT R N G effect. SO even if you have a 290 something pen gun and smack something with 30mms of armor. WOOPS dice roll was bad LuL for you


    1. RNG doesn’t affect penetration or damage, just accuracy. Some times you hit a target at long range with a KV2 moving at full speed, some times you miss while fully aimed at point blank range, that’s RNG. But, when you hit everything works properly.


      1. Are you sure you’re not a troll or that you’re talking about WoT? 25% RNG on pen and damage is in the game since day one.


  4. Well it is nice to know but all shots fired will get “manipulated” in terms of pen and accuracy due to RNG. RNG, gold ammo and arty is what fucks the game balance up and then we have tank balance and maps.

    WG didn’t fix anything they only made it worse. Arty isn’t fixed, it still hits you from above and stun you annoyingly, maps are still shit, and powercreep is ever present.

    The only ones that benefit from WGs changes are gold spamming fast HTs and armored MTs and mobile TDs. All other tanks can just go fuck themselves. Armor doesn’t matter in wot, unless it is almost heat-proof like sadly some tanks are.


    1. “The only ones that benefit from WGs changes are gold spamming fast HTs and armored MTs and mobile TDs. All other tanks can just go fuck themselves.”

      You mentioned like 80% of the vehicles in the game except artillery, yet artillery is somehow a huge issue for you, as state above. Make up your mind. Is artillery a huge problem or it “can just go fuck itself” because it doesn’t benefit from anything?


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