WoT – Wargaming Supports “Girls und Panzer das Finale”

According to various sources, Wargaming is supporting, and will support the Girls und Panzer final theater series. A mod will be released later.


For those unaware, Girls und Panzer (or GuP for short) is a high school anime about girls driving tanks as part of their curriculum. This noble way of the tank, senshado (or Panzerfahren as some like to call it) is done with replicas which supposedly have nigh impenetrable crew compartments.

Coinciding with the movie release in Russia, on April 5th, the official WG mod portal will be graced with a cosmetic mod for all willing to have a pink anglerfish on their Pz IV or whatnot.

One of the devs, Yuri Kuryavyi said:

We gladly support Girls und Panzer, whose creators have a high attention to authenticity of the armored vehicles. We’re sure that the anime fans among our tankers will be happy to download the mod.