Auto-reloader (Italian tanks) – demonstration video

Source: Rykoszet


6 thoughts on “Auto-reloader (Italian tanks) – demonstration video

  1. Looks like a very easy tank to get confused about regards gun re-load (and then die quickly in as panic sets in as it re loads then starts again, confusing as fuck looks like

    if you can shoot once then it refills then shoot again then again then wait then wait then wait? ~ most will leave this in the Garage as re-load auto load its over complicated and for no reason

    typical WG think-too much and -not play game- developers always over thinking things as they have way to much time on there hands


  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 2 guns to choose from? The new auto-reloader and one “normal”
    I understand the mechanics, but I think that for the average player may be a little confusing.


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