WOT 1.0 – Ads

Source: Rykoszet


13 thoughts on “WOT 1.0 – Ads

  1. All things considered, I like the new game, the changed but somewhat familiar maps, the same idiot teammates and idiotic RNG being manipulated so I either win or lose 15:1 14 times in a row.

    Still, I like it more now, GJ Wargaming. TNX.


  2. There are still players playing this game? Lel.

    The numbers of players are declining like shit flushing into the toilet at a diarrhoe epedemia. xD Did 1.0 fix Bobject 268 v4, Obj 430 U and Obj 705 shit? No? KKTHXBYE retarded shitgame 😀


    1. Actually playerbase is pretty stable, it’s not declining at all. I dunno where stupid potatoes get their data from. Probably from their asses though.


  3. It’s not playable. Himmelsdorf is broken completely! The other maps are changed beyond recognition. Bugs, tons of bugs and issues. Just read all ‘feedback’ on WG forums.


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