WoT Supertest – CW Reward Tank Changes #2

This will be a comparative post to what we’ve seen previously.

Previous changes

M60 – no changes


  • Changed engine power to 750 HP
  • Changed reload speed to 8 seconds
  • Restored old penetration for the standard round (258 mm)
  • Changed hull turn bloom to 0.12

VK 72.01 (K):

  • Restored old health (2500 HP)
  • Changed aim time to 2.7s
  • Changed accuracy to 0.38


  • Changed reload speed to 8.7 seconds
  • Changed turret movement bloom to 0.1

11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – CW Reward Tank Changes #2

  1. It surprise me how the super-noobtesters can even consider such retarded changes to beginn with, what made them change their mind, not themselves probably the shitstorm that they read on the forums. The supertesters should do excellent work, but they dont they only fuck around and then maybe they change their mind if they get alot of negative feedback.

    It is not knows how exactly WG come up with tank balance changes but the only consistent approact seem to be gold ammo spam. All changes both to tanks and maps favour gold spam, and it needs to stop because they ruin their own game.

    Just look at all superunicums they play a handfull of tanks spamming gold and it works, something it wrong. Game balance was better before, before the gold spam era.


    1. WG said themselves that they want to change ammo system and get rid of premium ammo, right? Anybody can spam it, some people just need more time to grind credits, that’s all.


  2. WG changes things – Supertesters tell WG what they think – WG still does what they want…
    Honestly these changes looks pretty spot on. But don’t blaim the supertesters for testing WGs sometimes crazy ideas and lets hope WG makes the right decissions…


    1. No decision has been done right the last years, only right in the terms of economy, because players are forced to spen money on premium tanks and premium account to afford gold spam and/or stay competitive at tier 8. Game is pay2win more now than before, otherwise WG wouldnt have kept it like this for 3 years. If they wouldnt make money on the current economy model then they would change it. So people who says that “oh it is no pay2win” can fuck off, whole game is pay2win. If you pay you have an advantage because that means you can play better tanks only sold for money and spam gold ammo in high tiers.

      Lets take two players of equall personal skill and crew skills, one has a T32 the other has a defender, if the defender shoots gold ammo, the T32 shooting AP wont have a chance, there is a too big gap between tank performance and AP vs gold ammo performance in WOT, some times extremely big differance. Now tell me a defender shooting gold ammo is not pay2win opposed to a T32 shooting AP? It doesnt matter if the T32 is superunicum he cant win towards a green noob in a defender shooting apcr, nether can a superunicum in a T32 shooting AP perform to the same level as a defender because of limitations in tank performance.

      My wn8 and average dmg on tier 8 tanks has decreased the last year, because I can simply not pen as many tanks as before due to stupid armor buffs and powercreep tanks. And I doubt my personal skill has decreased, rather it has increased but some times you end up in hopeless situation due to no weakspots and/or powercreep tanks.


  3. T95E6:

    Restored old penetration for the standard round (258 mm)

    Well that was fast. “Gee, let’s give this thing the penetration value of a 72.01K low velocity 150mm shell and see what happens.” *spoiler* the change didn’t work


  4. Nice, they left the M60 as shit just so people wont pick it when they get their CW rewards so it keeps its rarity which is its only redeeming factor


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