Version 1.0 – Easter egg in the Garage

Source: Rykoszet

In update 1.0 there is a new garage, and a new Easter egg.  To see it, click on the premium vehicle proposed by the game. A document appears on the table where you can see a list of people who have worked on World of Tanks 1.0. This document is signed by one of the main WOT developers, and the number we see in the document is the same as the address of the office in Minsk.


9 thoughts on “Version 1.0 – Easter egg in the Garage

      1. another mad polksy chwasty. Instead concetrate to play better game with good eff you are looking for these shits in game.


        1. I’m from Canada moron. I don’t support much of anything of what wg does these days, what I do have an issue with is you publicly expressing your selfishness where no one asked for it. Have you ever done something significant in your life and wanted to be recognized for it? I doubt you have, otherwise, you would understand the significance of having your hard work recognized, even if it’s in the smallest way.

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