Supertest: Reward Tank Changes


Max speed/Min speed: 50 (+1,7) / -20 km / h
Penetration: 268 / 350 (+20) / 53 mm
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,33 (-0,02)
Aiming time: 1,6 s (-0,2)


HP: 1 900 (-100)
Penetration: 248 (-10) / 340 / 60 mm
Reload time: 8,0 s (-1,1)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,42 (+0,04)

VK 72.01 (K):

HP: 2 850 (+350)
Penetration: 246 / 350 (+16) / 85 mm
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,38 (-0,02)
Aiming time: 2,7 s (-0,2)


View range: 420 (+20) m
Penetration: 261 / 350 (+20) / 105 mm
Reload time: 9,0 s (-1,2)


55 thoughts on “Supertest: Reward Tank Changes

  1. I hope some tester will notice how the T95E6 in all honesty need enginepower/speed while perhaps getting a small buff on turret cheek armor…


      1. What’s handling and engine power if it has the penetration of the VK 7201? 95E6 has a longer barrel than the 121B but 20 less pen. Makes no sense.

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        1. It makes total sense. It would be very rare for APFSDS (or maybe it’s just APDS) to have less penetrating power than APCBC.


  2. So they nerf the E6, one of the rarest reward tanks, but buff the VK.72, making it different compared to the Pz. 7, even though the two tanks are literally the same.


    1. Somewhat agree, although they are currently not the same. The VK 72 has a larger caliber gun so it was understandable that the gun stats were slightly worse while the alpha and pen were better. But with this it will put the aim time within .1 second and the accuracy .01 away so I feel this would just make the VK 72 better, seeing as it already has better dpm.


        1. My problem with this is why pick a e100 for clan wars at all now if they aren’t going to buff the e100’s HEAT rounds as well. I mean the two have the same gun. Hell why not buff the grille 15 gun as well.


          1. Last thing the E100 needs is a prem buff. While it sits in a corner and cries for the past 2-3 years, beeing the most underpowered, least used, weakest to gold spamm, useless “superheavy”, it would most definatelly use a speed and/or gun handling buff, coupled with maybe 1 more degree of gun depression. That would put it back into the map again.


            1. A speed or gun handling buff for a tank with such high alpha gun might be too much to ask for. But raw engine power to make it accelerate and turn faster and gun depression/elevation would be nice. Perhaps devs could alter the turret profile a little but and give the turret front a bit steeper angle as well.


      1. Yea… I guess premium ammo should be buffed until it can penetrate anything when u auto-aim at a tank. In fact, just remove standard ammunition altogether because why even bother when apparently 300mm of pen isn’t enough.


      2. I think they wanted to make it worth trying to win the tanks to be used in clan activities that mostly end up spamming gold.

        But to win them people need to be competitive and shoot gold to begin with.

        So yeah, they are aiming for more gold being fired, but not necessarily WITH the reward tanks, but to WIN reward tanks.


      1. I’m not sure what is WG’s stance towards reward tanks. If it’s similar to premiums than nerfs won’t happen. Well, yes, we had T-22 case, but it was an extreme situation.


  3. So…no turret armor buffs for the american tanks? And what about the T95E2? Jesus, WG, what the hell even is this. Why nerf the E6? A one second reload buff is not enough to compensate for its general shittiness, much less the additional nerfs in this…


  4. Glad to see Wargaming is adressing the most pressing problem of the game. Lol.
    But seriously, it is probably true that some of these tanks needed buffs, but 1) not all of them as far as I can tell – the VK for instance ruled the battlefield whenever I met one; imho it was already stronger than the PzKpf VII, 2) the 907 is a joke and 3) why does Wargaming keep on making tanks stronger that are only available to the strongest players anyway? Same rubbish as with the enhanced equipment – Wargaming are catering the pro players. Pretty short-sighted strategy.


    1. Must be the sarcasm/joke = 2) the 907 is a joke

      I mean anyone who has a 907 uses it in CW and SH, so it must be so bad to choose it over a 140, 62 or Cent X


  5. this is one of the stupidest shit I have ever seen, buffing gold ammo to 350mm….LOL. They should have modded other stats and nerfed gold if anything. WG are really retards. Only a retarded company would buff gold ammo to make armor useless and then buff armor again making AP more useless than it alreaddy is.

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  6. I guess the changes are needed because these tanks will be very soon sold for bonds but there is one question coming to my mind: why is the Object 907 not nerfed as this might be one of the very few times it can be nerfed


      1. How is the E6 buffed? Sure it now has a whopping 80 more DPM than an STB1 and marginally better gun handling, in exchange for HP, (abysmal) accuracy, AP nerf and no HEAT buff. This is on top of a mostly useless turret thanks to profile and tumor, a largely overmatchable hull and terrible hp/ton and terrain resistance. If you want an American med it’s no contest vs M60, especially now. And as a high DPM med, the STB is arguably just as – if not more – reliable.


  7. Come on, they must balance gamea to players like skill4ltu can have more funn, because you know they promote hime, but they don’t like players like foch that pleys normal tenks and no gole-ammo.

    WG are all about hype, they want to create an elitist experiance so noobs spend money but in reality it just fucks up games for regular good players using normal ammo. My stats have decreased since a few years back due to overbuffed armor, and OP powercreep tanks and gold ammo spam. Back in the days the core gameplay was better because all tanks had weakspots and strong spotts and you could use it to your advantage. But now days any noob can just press 2 and pen your armor at any angle, or if you dont use gold yourself you cant pen any noob standing still in the open. Game balance is shit and it is sad that WG dont realize it.


    1. They do,its just “working as intented”…. Btw,i fully agree with what you said about skill4ltu,very good player indeed,but his mindset of chasing imaginary pixel-marks on gun barrels,while taking advantage of a broken game mechanic such as premium rounds,is not appealing to me.Meanwhile,there are other streamers who can do what he does,having 20-30% gold ammo loadout depending on the tank (which,lmao is considered ” normal” in todays meta).He gets promoted by WG,giving him free reward tanks,just to show to the community that YES! you can shine in this game too if you load 70-80% gold and premmium consumables,or even go full gold-ham in your medium(like i met him the other day in his Guard,spamming exclusivelly gold even at butter-tanks like CDCs and type 61s),and absolutelly ignore a balancing value called “armor” in this game,or even other skill based values like “angling”,” hull-down”,”positioning-map knowledge”…….


      1. WG did promote skill4ltu because he is the only player in the world who has ALL marks of exellence in the game (except arta, but nobody cares) and they wanted to give him a chance to mark tanks that he is unable to get. And if you watched his streams then you should know that he spams gold only when reaching 3rd moe or he is driving a shitty tank/very hard to mark tank. Oh and yeah, can you tell me how spamming gold can help you ignore skill based values? Positioning and map knowledge don’t go anywhere, premium ammo doesn’t make you a wizard, it just allows you to pretty much ignore annoying RNG when you’re trying to be competetive. “Shooting tanks” is not a skill.


        1. Shooting premmium ammo to ignore RNG is the biggest bullshit WN8 whores say….what gold ammo does,except ofc penning tanks that are supposed to lead pushes,absorbing dmg or holding chokepoints,is to unlock posituons you could not play with regular rounds…and that my friend is the reason you see players like him (or me),going mostly heavy-side and engaging heavys frontally,preferrably hull-down or sidescraping etc etc,out-dpm-ing them to oblivion….Shifting the Armor vs DPM game,THAT is what gold rounds do in reallity.


          1. “Oh and yeah, can you tell me how spamming gold can help you ignore skill based values?”

            Really dude?
            You trying to tell us that the outcome of lets say, IS7 vs IS7, 140 vs E50m, TVP 50/51 vs E100, 430U vs any heavy you name, same skill players, former tanks spamming 100% gold, later tanks firing regular ammo, WILL BE DECIDED BY SKILL?


          2. You can’t aim for weakspots after all the accuracy nerfs and most of the time you can’t flank shit. In a lot of situations (e.g. farming moe on demanding tanks, heavy carry scenarios) you can’t waste your dpm and bounce your shots. Another question: what properly hulldown or sidescraping heavies can be penned at all? And the point of engaging heavies frontally is worthless since you can’t select your targets on a lot of maps and you’re kinda forced to engage whatewer is sitting in front of you. Even on open maps you’re often can get locked in a position where you’ll have to engage heavies frontally. And I’m not even starting on heavy vs heavy action. How are they suppose to pen each other without gold?


    1. IS-5 is a disaster with shitty accuracy/aimtime and horrible apcr penetration (221 apcr is further from 225 ap than you should think) but I suspect they will go through those tier 8 tanks at another time


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