Supertest: Kharkiv Map

A few changes have been made, which hopefully will allow us to play to all types of tanks. For this purpose, the open part of the map (sectors 1 and 2) underwent major changes – this part of the map was raised to the same level as the urban part, and the number of bushes and small shelters was increased.

The urban part (3) has been slightly simplified – the battles will be more controlled. In addition, many changes have been made to zone 4 – the number of shelters available has been reduced. The version with closed access to the square will also be tested. Developers want to see how it will affect the placement of tanks and their concentration in particular points on the map.

The further fate of this prototype depends on the results of current tests.


17 thoughts on “Supertest: Kharkiv Map

  1. Bad decision to fully flatten out that area.

    It’s effectively making this part into an open killing zone, that everyone and their mother in law will avoid as the plague. Effectively rendering it useless, the heat maps will show this quickly.

    Not even touching the tin foil hat idea of it favoring a certain tank tank nation more than others.

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    1. They’ve been doing this with all of the HD maps and I think it is going to be a disaster. I wonder if they somehow interpreted “we want more open maps” as “we want more level plains.”

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  2. I do not understand what is it with them with removing cover from maps.
    I have not played on the new maps, but I have seen them and seen others play on them
    Fjords – totally fucked the middle zone
    Fishermans bay – removed cover in middle and bushes around the map
    Erlenber – just wtf, I know the map is kind of pain in the ass, but the change looks like going from being stoned to being beaten with a stick
    do not know much about the rest of the maps, and well if they maps actually play better well say, because as i said I have not really played on them myself

    I really do not get it, yes players did ask for more open maps, but that means maps where you can get from any location to any, where you can flank and so on, not a huge open field of killing zone.

    And while Kharkov may be somewhat disliked, I did think it was not that bad, especially due to all the rubble and stuff (that is now gone…) you could even manuvere with lightly armored tanks from cover to cover and kind of try to flank (unless you were alone and enemy would focus on only you)

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  3. This is just bad, very bad, no cover, why to make open zones ? Does nto make any sense, noone will paly here and the map will be even more corridor like. I like city maps, but with more streets like Stalingrad, that is ok map to me but everyone voted to remove it, I dont understand it … Also it is one of the most balanced maps and every class can play there …

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  4. Maybe slightly better for artillery… hate this map playing arty.

    Would be happy if they could just make the class exempt from maps like this. Would be a win for non arty players having arty free matches & a win for arty not having to inch ridiculous shots over roof tops…

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  5. Kharkov is an ok map, but the arties and the stapadders didnt loved it. the first cause they hate city maps, the second cause this map is unpredictable and they dont have a clear plan to repeat it, like mouses in a cage. Now get this map and go statpad with Defender pressing “W” and Scorpion at the red line camping.


  6. WG have never had much of a good reputation for building Maps there even worse at “improving or updating” Maps

    except City Maps as WG cannot fuck-up a city map (until now lol!

    ~ there use to be a saying that WG dev’s always made a map worse then more worse if possible every and every time they ‘improved a map’ to the point it became almost unplayable?

    (remember those Storm infamous Q&A from days of old, ahh those the days.

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  7. They made it even worse, I didn’t think that was even possible but WG are that bad designing maps of late…..

    Seriously wish the old map designers would come back these are awful……

    At least the old design was unpredictable but now they “simplify” it to who’s benefit?? The bot players or the whining unicorns??

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