WoT – WG Conference – Experience

LeBwa: Right now there’s a Ranked season underway, and I’m curious how experience is calculated. A guy called Alex does 0 damage, has 0 spot, and 0 blocked, and he’s higher than people who did ANYTHING.

Beletsky: There are a lot of variables to it, we even published an article on it. There’s no secret philosophy here, the problem is that some of the logic is nonlinear and not ‘humane’. We get XP for damage, spot damage, or spotting someone for the first time. Alex could have spotted 7 players first and get the XP he got.

The most important factor is battle activity. If a player is in the middle of the battle, he’ll get XP just for that. It’s a rather complicated algorithm.

It’s also important to understand all aspects of a battle. The algorithm was introduced to make the gameplay different all the time. The conclusion can be that experience is not an ideal way to measure your combat effectiveness.

Vspishka: What about the Hall of Fame then? Why not accept the way your effectiveness on each tank is calculated for other game modes?]

Beletsky: We first have to improve the algorithm to work during the battle. The joke is that the ranking takes time to calculate, and we can’t just update it per-battle.

Pankov: Yup, we can’t now.

Beletsky: We’ll try though. The key is that currently there’s no better measure than XP. It’s good to analyze your session performance to improve your skills, just like I did myself.

Vspishka: Why can’t we get a real-time XP counter?

Beletsky: It’s not counted in real-time, it depends on other players too

Vspishka: After the battle then?

Pankov: Maybe. In-battle it would be too confusing. You’d sit in a bush and see that you have 50 XP, and you’d be thinking what to do to get 50 more.

EviL GrannY: We want to know why we got that amount of XP, and not another. It’s imperative to show us in the end results which actions netted us XP, and how many. Right now you look at them and just ponder clueless.

Pankov: Let’s summarize. We’ll think about the expansion of the statistics post battle. It will be a heavy task, but we’ll try to best it. Regarding a review of the XP algorithm, I’ll say that not now.  If any anomalies are spotted, they are removed. We don’t have any solid plan for now. We’ll look through the random battle XP calculations now.