NA Server: Bot issue

Reader NightmareMk9 sent us an intriguing e-mail:

„I was playing WOT late last night when I noticed a weird match up.  Both teams had several players with just a random mash of letters for their names.  I looked up 3 of the names and they were all created the same day, 2/8/2018. I kinda assume this isn’t anything new, but it seems weird. They act like just terrible players or bots programmed to not just move in a straight line.

Each Account only plays a single nation and they are just terrible at WOT.  Is this some kind of XP farm and they plan to sell accounts later or?

I posted a topic on WOT forums and they took it down and gave me a 4th Strike for Name and Shame. I didn’t say ANYTHING other than ‘This is Strange’.
WG loves to punish the people that point out problems.”

After battle screenshot:


Links to the the account pages of the bots:

As you can see, this shows that our in-game bot problems are far from over. Hopefully something will be done about it before the NA server population will decrease to unbearable levels. On the other hand, censoring the talk about it is not a proper solution.