NA Server: Bot issue

Reader NightmareMk9 sent us an intriguing e-mail:

„I was playing WOT late last night when I noticed a weird match up.  Both teams had several players with just a random mash of letters for their names.  I looked up 3 of the names and they were all created the same day, 2/8/2018. I kinda assume this isn’t anything new, but it seems weird. They act like just terrible players or bots programmed to not just move in a straight line.

Each Account only plays a single nation and they are just terrible at WOT.  Is this some kind of XP farm and they plan to sell accounts later or?

I posted a topic on WOT forums and they took it down and gave me a 4th Strike for Name and Shame. I didn’t say ANYTHING other than ‘This is Strange’.
WG loves to punish the people that point out problems.”

After battle screenshot:


Links to the the account pages of the bots:

As you can see, this shows that our in-game bot problems are far from over. Hopefully something will be done about it before the NA server population will decrease to unbearable levels. On the other hand, censoring the talk about it is not a proper solution.


26 thoughts on “NA Server: Bot issue

  1. I am convinced that WG have bot accounts, and they use them as an auto-lose tool. If the system decides that a player needs a loss for whatever reason (teamkilling , unsporstmanlike behavior reports whatever) and throw you in teams filled with these bots, and put you in south spawn or something in Ensk for an autolose.

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      1. again racist comment…. you talked about humanity but dont care what means.
        according to my obsservations @30k game. i cant say a diffiremce between a polish player versus german or czec player or french player.
        about my nation turkish player they can be moron or very agresive team player whic cant play good with normal eu player behavior. but if cuople of them combine each we are become wolf pack.
        and we only wriite slm as hi….


  2. Who said the bot issue was over? Tho it’s far from the issues we had back in 2011/2012 when at least 2 to 4 tank on each match was idle bots sitting in cap auto targeting the nearest enemy. Waypoint bots on EU is something I see rarely on low tiers. But they are there as they can get away with it for longer. I don’t see to many of them on high tiers, as on EU they are spotted instantly and drown in reports. Can’t even remember the last time I saw one I was sure was a waypoint bot vs a crappy player that most are. Tho on my NA account I do see more of them on mid tiers vs EU. But still not that often. And yes, they have those names. I suspect it’s due to the low population vs other servers you notice it more often.

    And considering he had to write a mail about it. I suspect the one that did send it don’t see it to often either. Or else this would not be “news”.

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  3. I have about 20k battles, mostly botted. I want to play higher tier tanks but I simply don’t want to spend so long grinding everything. It’s simply more appealing to me to spend about $2 and get 1500 botted battles than to play 500-1000 battles myself.

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  4. I have seen a few players who were using bot programs. Specifically there’s a bot program that will move your tank to a specified position on the map and aim/shoot at the first enemy tank in LOS. It does not react to getting hit, and the spot that is used is usually an odd one.

    Example: Windstorm west team, the bot will go to D1 near the redline and sit.


    1. To be fair he would wait a month to get message that they are sorry his personal mission didn’t count and he have to do it again. At least on EU server stuff like this used to happen.

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  5. Don’t forget that people out there offer to help you get the T95E2 reward tank for invitations.

    So those people open and account and play exactly one nation and type of tanks such as US mediums just in order to reach tier 10.

    If they use a bot assist or just do some movement in order to not get accused of being bot, well I cannot say, but these accounts seem to be exactly this.

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  6. NightmareMK9 I noticed exactly the same thing in a match the other day (third week of March). This time there were 3 such named “players” on one team and 2 on the other. All were in T-80 tanks. At the end of the match 1 player had a hit on an enemy, the rest had zero hits or damage. They all had about 2200 games played. I googled this phenomenon today and found your posting. I thought maybe WG is doing some kind of test of its own. Any new info on this?

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