World of Tanks VR Trailer


7 thoughts on “World of Tanks VR Trailer

  1. If WG incorporates VR into the game, as control option, it’s a good and smart move. But if they create another bastard half-WOT, I don’t see it fly.

    For example, I installed (for some time) WOWP just to earn some credits into WOT. But nothing like this with WOWS, WOT mobile or generals, not just because I got no interest in these games, but because my free time is limited and I prefer to play WOT, or at least advance my WOT progress playing WOWP.

    Nobody wants a separate new game, when much time, effort and sometimes money was spent by the player on WOT.


  2. So going to first person puts the gun between your legs? So now you’re basically, sorry for the language, ejaculating on your opponents?


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