WoT Blitz – The 121B


The 121B Chinese medium tank is a multi-purpose vehicle indeed. It will rush in to attack, block an enemy’s shell, and inflict massive damage during a counterattack. An ideal feature of this Tier X vehicle is permanent enrichment. This tank brings more credits compared to other same-tier vehicles.

More about the 121B

It’s important not to confuse the researchable 121 from the Chinese tech tree with the 121B. They are two different vehicles. They look quite alike, have the same front armor and top speed, but their armament differs greatly.


As you can see from the characteristics, the 121B is a transition variant between the large-caliber 121 and the fast-firing Soviet T-62A and Object 140. The 121 is armed with a gun more suitable for heavy tanks, while the 121B features a more universal 105 mm gun. It inflicts 50 HP of damage less, but has a higher rate of fire.
The 121B surpasses its Soviet opponents in front hull armor thickness by as much as 20 mm. The new tank deals 40 HP of damage more per shot, but has a lower rate of fire. Thanks to its characteristics, the 121B will fit in with any team and successfully cooperate with other medium tanks. However, it can also show perfect performance alone, when necessary.

The 121B is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to that of a Tier X researchable vehicle with activated enrichment. The 121B characteristics may be adjusted in future if it is necessary for game balance purposes.