Community League: WGLNA Replacement

For our NA readers:

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce that the WoT Community League is now working with to provide a professional and organized league experience. GosuTactics will now have the standings, rosters, and schedule all in one convenient place!

Here’s how to register for the Community League on GosuTactics:

1. Head to the tournament page here: http://gosutactics.c…ng-2018-season/

2. Login using your WG account.

3. Create a team, or join an existing one using a password given by the team captain.

Note: All existing teams that have already registered with the Google form must register again with GosuTactics

The WoT Community League admins and staff are looking forward to working together, and creating the best possible league experience this season! Good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to PM me, join our Discord and ask (, or drop them in this thread.


Happy Tanking!