WoT Blitz: QnA

Q: What can you tell us about the K91?
A: T9 USSR heavy tank with an auto loader. This tank is currently undergoing tests in random battles.

Q: I’m about to get the Tiger 2, do you plan to nerf it?
A: No

Q: Fix the FV4202?
A: The FV4202 will get an alternative gun with high penetration HESH, as for ROF there are no plans to change it.

Q: World of Startanks? (Someone complaining about fantasy tanks) I would like to remind you. In WoT Blitz google play store in WoT Blitz description is written “drive WW2 tanks”.
A: Quote from Play Store description: “Witness historical vehicles and models from other popular universes play off on the battlefield”

Q: Any thoughts on 3 tank platoons?
A: Most likely, no – such plans will have too much of an impact in battles.

Q: Will you return the option to have both camo net and binoculars together?
A: No because the impact in battles was way too effective so we don’t plan to bring it back.

Q: Could you introduce suspension mechanics?
A: Improved suspension is based on new physics, which is quite hard to implement without creating performance issues on many mobile devices. So we’re not considering it at the moment. (Same justification is used when others have asked for flying turrets and improved graphics)

Q: Could you please make premium ammunition only attainable by gold, premium ammunition ruins the game.
A: I understood your concern, but for now the current system will remain unchanged. Please bear in mind premium ammunition has lower damage as compared to regular ammunition in order to bring more balanced gameplay for heavy tanks.

Q: Will AMX30B come or is my 255k xp on AMX 13 90 useless?
A: We have some other plans for this tank. Don’t worry, many others are coming.

Q: How about new gun sounds? Mods are risky…
A: We do not officially support modifications. However, unless they’re forbidden (those which grant advantages), you’re free to use them.

Q: Could you buff the aim time of the IS5?
A: Giving the IS5 better aim time might turn it into an overpowered vehicle because in other terms it’s quite good.

Q: Why not make the game more historically accurate?
A: WoT Blitz is developing into several directions. Adding new “history-based” vehicles is one them, without any doubt. But not the only one.