WoT – Italian Crew Voices



18 thoughts on “WoT – Italian Crew Voices

    1. Mario/Mafia sh..t 😀 Lol….Thumb up bro:D Im Czech and our sounds are like ..older woman true…or women with..how to say…some man part in personality 😀


  1. Tutti frutti boppa di buppi toucha da sphagetti…one thing though…how are we to play the italian tanks and make hand gestures in the same time?


      1. Are all poles this fucking ignorant?
        I still hope you are just baiting.
        I hope…
        Now please, respond in actual english
        You really think italy dindt had tanks even tho they did?
        I think you are consfusing italy with poland, wich made exactly 2 models of tanks from 1918 to 1945.
        Italy 18
        Also wtf does romania have to do with this? Romania has no tanks in wot
        I expect an actual response this time not just insults.


            1. Lol ok
              The problem is that i see thein every comment section of thisite, this aint youtube, isny therr some kind moderator?


      2. Translation: No irony, you kik(?), Italy is an inferior nation, they’ll lost all powers in Roman times to savages in the north and they didn’t build good tanks, only pizza ovens that kik(?) like you were send to.


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