WoT – 9.22 Prem Store Additions

To ‘compensate’ the removal of the FCM 50t from the regular sales, the prem shop will get the following tanks as regular entries:

  • 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger
  • Panzer 58 Mutz
  • M46 Patton KR
  • M56 Scorpion
  • AMX M4 mle. 49
  • AC 4 Experimental

It is yet unknown if they will be purchasable for gold in-game.


42 thoughts on “WoT – 9.22 Prem Store Additions

  1. The reasoning behind the removal of the FCM was that WG is continuing the removal of preferential MM vehicles and yet in the same patch they put the JT88 back in the premium shop? Makes no fucking sense.

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          1. If you really call a people noob cause they dont recommend an outdated and powercreeped TD, then feel free to call everyone noob cause they have common sense.

            Totally agree therealisnes


  2. I highly doubt they will return to the tech tree for gold. As the 88 was removed for the same reason as the 50t is for now. If they want the pref MM tanks gone again. That move would make no sense. I suspect they got bored of selling the T26E5, Skorp and M4 49 that they want some variation for the store. As they have been regulars for over a year. And the sales stagnates at this point.

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    1. Weren’t 112 and Panther M10 also removed at one point, and then added back?
      WG and consistency/sticking to an idea (removing pref MM prems) isn’t something they are good at 😀


    1. I kinda like the little invisible autopen TD. Hide way back and blast away. Especially funny when the team disappears and you are alone against a few blind tanks. Lambs to the slaughter. Unless they spot you.


  3. What about the 128mm JagdTiger at tier 8? It was a premium in testing some months ago.

    Wargaming should make M46 a premium and make M47 the tier 9 tank for the USA…but that would require too high an IQ 😛


    1. The 128mm jagd would be a middle finger to jagd88 owners. One as big as the mountain of money WG does by selling skorpions, patriots and more OP premiums. And about the M46, you have the KR version and I think is quite nice (don’t have one, but looks like that)


          1. Oh look two polish subhumans thinking they can be superior to anyone. Now shut up both of you or i’ll call russia and germany to split you in half again. Remeber the labor camps? You better.


              1. He was talking about Labor Camps, not Concentration Camps. Big difference. lab camps were also a lot in Russia, China and many other countries. However, his whole post was of course racist bullshit amd worth to be ignored.


  4. I like the wording that I get compensated with 6 new shop offers. So generous. Thanks a lot Wargaming.

    How about fixing the SMM tanks in general? This problem last since 1 year and the only thing I heared about that is that you identified the problem & agreed to it, but that we need patience as this will take time to fix. All that said after 1 year with that problem. At some point I really want to place a pile of shit on their office desks.


  5. 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger, again? Let me guess, this time WITHOUT preferential MM??? Or, wtf have you been telling us that pref MM tanks will be removed? Good luck at Tier 10….


  6. What an obvious marketing move by WG. So stupid. Pre MM tanks should be taken out of the game. That’s the reason they bring back JT88? Lol….sure WG.
    Guys, seriously, this is the mist stupid marketing you could do. You already lost the trust of your customers. This may be ok in Russia, as customer there are usually more loyal and willing to suffer (this is not racism, this is a well known fact for companies doing business in Russia). But rest of europe thinks different. And: WG should find a way and offer that people could spend their loot-gold in an acceptanle way.


  7. Lost the trust of their customers? Seems unlikely, WOT is still massively popular, massively profitable and despite the ‘WG sucks…’ brigade, the bulk of their customers are like me and don’t mind if they want to sell this or that tank. If we have a problem with a tank, simple solution- don’t buy it. I’m surprized they have removed the FCM, I would have left it in the game and if anyone wants to buy it- good luck to them. But there are plenty of others to buy and more coming out.

    I don’t see any reason to annoyed by marketing policy but perhaps just all grow up a little and not take a game of toy tanks too seriously?


    1. Well, as much as I play this game, it is on the other side the game and company with which I just can not in identify myself. To many other games I have an emotional link to the maker of the game. Not with WG. I play WOT because I invested too much time and money, but I wont play any other game tney would offer. Sure, dont take it too seroius. You are right. But WG should improve their customer relation.


  8. I would like to say I am surprised with this……but that would be a lie….at this point I doubt they can do any thing that would count as surprise…..after all these years people are like:I cant believe WG did that


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