9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Airline

  1. Alright, a new map. The bidding is on: Airline map release vs Cyberpunk 2077 release. Which will be first?

  2. Why not just rework some of the 20 old Maps that were \’reasons\’ deleted 2 years ago that are sorely missed by the player community.

    5 or 6 are so much fun and Open Maps and some \’without\’ corridors everywhere
    another 4 or 5 could with a little rework be excellent

    there you have it 10 nice new/ older Maps the players would really like to see back in the game would help the Map monotony a lot.

    oops, forgot its WarGame silly me
    momentarily forgot ~ they don\’t listen to any or give a fuck nowadays it seems

    1. \”they don’t listen to any or give a fuck nowadays it seems\” of course, seeing your stupid idea we can see why they don\’t listen. But actually, they are reworking some old maps, like Province, and probably more.

  3. List your 5 or 6 maps that were removed and I\’ll give you 5 or 6 reasons why they were broken as fuck. Every 40%\’er scrub wants the old maps back because they honestly have no idea why they were broken such is your lack of understading of basic game mechanics.

    1. A fair gues, you intended to reply to MikeT\’s post? …but anyway…
      Being a former scrub, a 55%\’er btw, I have to disagree on both of your statements 😛

      Not ALL of the removed maps were absolute trash, beyond hopeless, or beyond repair.
      Although on most reworks those maps had, WG did a mediocre job that didn\’t address the issues of those maps and that led to their removal.

      One example: the original Servergorsk map comes to mind.
      It was reworked once, in patch 9.0, because of and before WG removed TD \”camo after firing bonus\” in patch 9.1.
      In hindsight of those 9.1 changes, the original map would have become acceptable to play with some few adjustments of bushes, the rework done in 9.0 was thus not really needed and it actually made that map worse.

      You may disagree and that\’s okay. No problem. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. This looks like and okay-ish map.

    Although I am a bit concerned on some of the impassable terrain features, seen at the maps corners and some of the height differences/cliffs that create hard paths (a.k. corridors) of engagement and also lead to open central killing area\’s.

    But I think it is better looking and designed than the Asian themed new airfield/port maps we have seen.

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