WG NA cancels WGLNA, Esports events and Regional tournaments for World of Tanks.

EDIT: The current 7/70 format of WGL has been scrapped for ALL servers, not just NA. However, Regional tournaments will still be held for all servers but NA and a new Esports format replacing the old WGL format will be introduced.

Official statement from Yoott of WG NA:

“Hello Fellow Tankers,

It has been a while since I posted and I know many of you have been asking regularly (HOURLY) and patiently waiting for information on what is coming up next and what is on the table for the WGLNA, Wargaming.net League as a whole and Tournaments here in NA. I apologize for the delay in information but we wanted to make sure what goes out is correct, not immediately changing in any way and as clear as it could be.

Below you will find a statement from our WoT product leaders at our home office as well as a section put together by us here in NA which will hopefully answer other open questions you have.

Official Message from Wargaming HQ

World of Tanks competitive gaming has seen many forms, and of these, the Wargaming.net League has always been king, with its competitive scene of the highest level.

Building it has been a labor of love for Wargaming and our competitive players. The league was gloriously showcased at the height of its success, the Grand Finals 2017, where players competed in front of a worldwide audience of 3.5 million viewers.

These accomplishments can never be erased and are a testament to the passion and skill of the best World of Tanks teams and players.

With this success has come the gradual evolution of the League itself, with minor changes to the competitive format to ensure the best competition the game has to offer. These changes have taken the League to where it is today, and now it is time to take it to the next level.

To achieve this and ensure rapid growth of the World of Tanks eSports audience and player base, we have begun designing a new format; one that will build on our past achievements and create new opportunities for our players. This new format is the future of competition for World of Tanks and will eventually replace the Wargaming.net League.

The last event in the old format was the Final Battle. We want to thank all the players and teams that made the WGL the historic series what it was and are excited to be bringing you the next step in eSports for World of Tanks.

So, what’s next?

This change of format comes from our deep commitment to eSports and World of Tanks competition. We are working hard to create a new model that will fit our core game design and player experience while also effectively highlighting and showcasing top competitors.

As Head of Publishing Markus Schill has stated, “eSports and a competitive ecosystem are integral parts of our publishing plan for World of Tanks. We want the experiences we create to be the best fit for how our players play, what they want to see, and what they want to achieve. To support this, we will continue to invest in providing players with the chance to compete, showcase their skill at the game they love, and earn recognition for their passion.”

However, because we’re still ironing out the details, we don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. You can expect more information later this year; just know that we have set out to redefine what everyone thinks World of Tanks eSports is to make it even more enjoyable and accessible.

While we polish the new eSports format, in-game tournaments will continue to support the competitive nature of the game and its community.*

*Special Notes Concerning the NA Region


1. Clarification: Above it is stated “in-game tournaments will continue to support the competitive nature of the game and its community.” At this time in 2018, the NA region will not be running any region-only tournament events. Other regions may have been approved for such events, on a case by case basis. Players are welcome to apply to join other teams, and play in any region of their choosing. (this does not mean server transfers) All NA players are welcome to participate in the many in-game events that we be hosting on the NA server in 2018 such as Ranked Battles, Global Map, Strongholds, Marathons and Missions.

2. Also to be clear, we will not be holding any regional NA Esports in 2018 such as WGL, Silver League, Clan League, or Pro Tournaments with 7/70 format, or similar format to past seasons of WG. Other regions may choose to have these kinds of events, but the current NA plan will not include this.

3. Stay tuned to our WG NA social media channels and portal for information on when and how you can participate in Ranked Battles, Global Map, Strongholds, Marathons and Missions that will be happening. Going forward these are the avenues all information will be mainly passed through so it’s good to bookmark them now.
https://worldoftanks.com – Portal

https://twitter.com/worldoftanks – Twitter

https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTanks – Facebook

Thank You all again for all the years of participation, hard work, and support you have given. It has been greatly appreciated.”

Thanks to Cajun_Terror for bringing this to our attention.

24 thoughts on “WG NA cancels WGLNA, Esports events and Regional tournaments for World of Tanks.

    1. Won\’t make me leave… maybe I play a different game than I think I do.

      1. You do realize that they\’re also canceling all of the tournaments for the entirety of 2018? Meaning no way to get gold other then buying it.

        1. Well, it says there will be no \”region-only tournaments\”. What is that even mean?

          1. Well I believe what they mean by that is the tournaments you had to make a team for on the website and then going through the brackets and such. Like how there was 3v3 tier 8s, or 5v5 tier 5s, etc, etc..

  1. I don\’t think it will really hurt anything NA, the player base is small and a lot of the players there play EU anyway since the load times are x10 faster.

  2. After so many presents for NA players, finally WG made their minds to abandon this community. EU, get ready for even more expensive stuff and no free shits, as WG wants to keep the revenue flowing.

  3. What is dead cannot be killer.

    Every season was a 50 million $ down the drain for WG.
    And how can this game be a esport skill based game when we got +-25% RNG on everything.

    Again, a pure example how WG has the wrong people running some parts of the company.


  5. Been a long time since I cared about this but, as has been noted, what is dead cannot be killed!

    More concerned about the slow-motion death of clan wars.

  6. \”Players are welcome to apply to join other teams, and play in any region of their choosing. (this does not mean server transfers)\”

    I\’m curious how this works? How can you join a team and play in a different region without transferring to another server and why can\’t they do that with random battles, ranked battles, marathons, etc?

    1. ^ grind out an account on another region and possibly spend money to have the grind go easier

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