WoT – New Duck Camo (literally)

In 9.22 the game will get new camo and inscriptions… catered to a rather narrow group of people.







12 thoughts on “WoT – New Duck Camo (literally)

    1. this would be so much better, and doable easily if they just added the new camo system to it. Select orange for the gun and yellow for other parts and done.

  1. Ehrm… And this camo is classed as historical?
    ROTFLMAO good job idiots @ WG xD

    1. It\’s not really in crazy colors. As it looks like Woodland camo from a distance. Then again I suspect if they did mark it as unhistorical. There would be a bigger rage storm vs if they did not.

      1. Doesn\’t matter if it\’s crazy colors, it\’s still a crazy pattern. Since it\’s unhistorical it should be classed as unhistorical.

        1. I suspect you won\’t see to many of them with that camo to find it annoying unless you play tier 4 all day long. That you don\’t. So it won\’t matter anyway, as it\’s not like every AMX 40 you see will have this on. Then again the Patriot and Co still have their colors on for all to see. I don\’t see how this is worse on pattern alone vs those colors.

          1. Are you sure it will only be aviable for the AMX 40? In that case it will propably not be so annoying, but I thought that all tanks would be able to use it :/

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