WoT – 9.22 CT 2nd Iteration Changes

The 2nd iteration of the 9.22 Common Test is upon us, and here are the changes.


  • Changed the scoreboard in RB
  • When buying a cosmetic element, a prompt will be now displayed to confirm purchase or exit. If the player doesn’t buy anything, just changes an element, there will be only Apply and Exit available


Object 257

  • Changed the 122 mm BL-13-1 A gun’s BR-471BM shell penetration from 340 to 315 mm
  • Lowered side armor thickness

Object 268 V4

  • Slightly improved frontal hull armor

Object 430

  • Changed the 122 mm D-25TSU gun’s BR-471BM shell penetration from 248 to 270 mm (FYI this is APCR)

Object 705

  • New collision model for the stock turret
  • Increased turret rotation bloom by 25%
  • Changed the 122 mm BL-13-1 A gun’s BR-471BM shell penetration from 340 to 315 mm

Object 705A

  • Changed the 152 mm M-51 gun’s UBK551O shell penetration from 310 to 317 mm
  • Slightly improved frontal hull armor

27 thoughts on “WoT – 9.22 CT 2nd Iteration Changes

          1. Well, there is no point of beating up somebody who’s dead. Seriously, WZ-120 never really was a good tank in the first place and now it’s completely outclassed.


      1. Gold ammo buffs. 248 is the lowest for a tier 9 med, as that’s still lower then the 120’s normal pen . The WZ-120 has 340 gold pen still, that’s the highest of anyone of them. As the gold ammo only having 10mm more pen made zero sense.


    1. its 40mm all over the V shape of the lower plate now. So basically garbage against russian heavies but still OP broken against any other nations tanks except some TDs


  1. No obj 430u nerf??? And obj 705a armor buffs??? Atleast they try to nerf the obj 257. Still the angle of the armor is the problem though.


    1. 705A’s armor was terrible head on for a super heavy at close range. But I suspected it was to promote sidescraping. Gues not. Then again, we don’t know what they did buff. If it’s the turret, hull or lower plate etc. Or the cheeks for sidescraping. 257’s side armor is a bigger issue tho. Even tho it’s head on armor was butter, as it has the 30mm plate above the gun everyone auto pens. But when a 183 AP round don’t overmatch the side even. You got an issue.


      1. What gun stats do you mean? Accuracy and dpm are terrible, yes, but you don’t really need accuracy it since you fight in close combat and you can work around your dpm since you can set your temp of engagement almost all the time. Dispersion is overall decent and aiming time is on Badger’s level of good. And yeah, you have gret armor and mobility, so you can play on any map easily. This thing is fantastic.

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      1. I agree that 268V4 is not that terrible in CT. However, I promise you will find it not as good as it is in the real server. Players don’t play seriously in test server. In real server, the game will be much more tough, and its tier8 DPM and tier7 view range will kill you.


      2. I would rather them buff the accuracy of the whole line rather then armor. I agree that it’s fun to play… when you hit something

        But WG is buffing the armor because it was penned a lot because the Test server is 100% gold ammo, the test server as it is doesn’t represent actual play stats and gives false data.

        If they buffed the LFP of the tier 7 to 9 and the accuracy from 7 to 10 then I would say the line would be worth it. I’m sorry but right now it’s absolutely abysmal.

        The 263 went from the 4th best accuracy and 3rd best DPM at tier 10 to the 2nd worst accuracy and tied worst DPM at tier 9.

        I’m sorry but WG must have a more then just a few screws loose if they think these changes will improve the line


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