WoWS: Mails with free Ishizuchi being sent to inactive players

Is the tier IV premium battleship a good enough reason to return to the game? Maybe.


18 thoughts on “WoWS: Mails with free Ishizuchi being sent to inactive players

  1. Nope, because the range the guns has makes it more or less a mountain hugger to force ships to close the range. And since most low tier maps are more open. It’s a crap premium anyway.


  2. Gave it a try, works only for EU server from what I have seen. Sadly you cant have this offer and the Giulio+ De Grasse one at the same time…


  3. The WoWs subreddit has had some threads with people posting about this WG policy of gifting lots of stuff to inactive players in an attempt to get them to play again. An Ishizuchi is the least I’ve seen so far (Giulio Cesare + De Grasse, or Ashitaka + Huang He have been posted as well).


  4. and those that play get what? great big FCK YOU for enduring constant HE spam while being constantly spoted and torped by DDs that you know are 7 km away from you but have no way to detect or chase them down?


  5. I got Huanghe, 80,000 free exp, 7.5m credits, a 10 point commander and x75 flags instead. Does it have something to do with how long I’ve been inactive?


    1. is that tier 6 panasian cruiser? because I have seen a number of them and not one bothered to answer my question on how they got it


  6. Got Ashitaka and Huanghe, 150k free exp, 12m creds, x100 flags and two 10 pt commanders. A big suprise that’s wg gave that’s much for free.


  7. It’s a bad ship, terrible dispersion from the guns, got it in a loot crate about a year ago and sold it a few weeks ago after playing it about 15 times. Better then a kick in the teeth but maybe not the best premium to give to someone you want to keep playing the game.


  8. Typical started playing again a week ago after a 3 year break. Didnt receive any emails, maybe its because i have been active in WOT periodically.


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