WoT Supertest: “Japort” map changes

A new version of the map “Japort” is in the supertest.
Details from the developers:

Based on the results of past tests, we made changes that should make fights on it more dynamic, and orientation easier.


To do this, we revised the central part of the map (point 1) – in the new version the firefights on this part will take longer. In the northern part of the location (point 2) we reduced the height of the entrances to the “balconies”. Thanks to this, the travel time will be reduced, and fighting will become more active. In addition, we added the ability to shoot through the bases while moving on these “balconies”. And also processed the hills in the north (point 3), to make the battle more comfortable.

And we added a handrail along the waterfront to prevent the tanks falling into the water. It’s better to fight than to sink.
This is not the final version of the map: we will continue to work on it, and on the second prototype of the “Airport” map.