WoT Supertest – Tiger ‘HD+’ Model

On the 9.22 ST server, WG is testing a new and improved Tiger I model… Well, enjoy being trashed and looking fabulous :^)


28 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Tiger ‘HD+’ Model

    1. It’s overdue, the Tiger was one of the very first HD models and looks very plain compared to new ones. Textures and stuff are a bit weird too, they were still experimenting with how to do HD.

      New model is awesome, goes from the worst looking Tiger ingame to the best.


  1. machine guns, track links, towing cables, jerry cans, worn fenders, assault rifles, it feels much more like a living vehicle and not just a video game model, wg should do it with much more tanks tbh. (also gotta love that stg-44)

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    1. I think this is simply down to the way in which the vehicle was rendered in these pictures. (For an example of this, look at models rendered in Tank Inspector / on Tanks.gg compared to the in-game models.) They should look much better when shown on high settings in-game.


  2. ofc WG removed track from hull. You know, we have so many pictures from ww2 with track on hull, but for wg, Tiger 1 would be OP with it.

    Btw T54 need rework old hd model.

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  3. One of the first HD models that was outsourced. And not the best looking one. They have always said they wanted to redo the early models they did not scan etc. Now that all HD models are done “besides 1”. It kinda makes sense. And if it looks that good. I might start playing it again.


    1. get yourself a Tiger 131 (or a Jiger). problem solved (partially).

      on tier 6 the 8,8 L/56 is okay, with the biggest problem of superheavies and tier 8 HTs in general while you play lowtier. okay, this is what you get 90% of the time for random games buts thats WG at its best (“MM is working as intendend” – sure thing …).

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  4. Dear WG, how to say this so that you uderstand it…


    1. they can’t do that.. the tiger has to remain the most nerfed tank in the history of this games, serves as a reminder to all just how butt hurt the Russians are at all times and how biased this game is to Russian tanks. this games started with the tiger being on historical spec, but it was so powerful that nothing could stand up to it. .. the other tanks were also historical spec btw. but the Russian players whined and has sand up their vaginas so far that WG nerfed the tanks massively 5 times in the first year and they’ve never buffed it beyond that low level turret upgrade a few months back and the short 88 got a bit of a tune up. but the 88 remains the highest percentage of de-tuning in the game. If there is an archive of FTR out there somewhere you can read all about this with the proper numbers in the article, it’s insane.


    1. People are getting locked out of thier accounts unless they pay for the key they got off g2a that was purchased off a stolen credit card


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