Lorenzo’s M4 A2 – Coming soon on NA

TragicLoss was seen playing a Lorenzo’s M4 A2. When confronted about it on Reddit, she replied:

TragicLoss (WG Employee):

„If you catch my stream tomorrow on Twitch.tv/wargaming you’ll find all the information about the tank 😉 4-5PM PT”

It’s more likely the Loza we were expecting. Link to stats


20 thoughts on “Lorenzo’s M4 A2 – Coming soon on NA

  1. Just my opinion.
    The 76 mm gun M1A2 128 mm of penetration has been, in the past past 2 years, severely powercrept by WoT evolutionary direction.
    Making all platforms using it poor to very mediocre. and in the case of payed content not worth the expenditure.

    If the pen would have been addressed, across the board for all content using it, to the 140>150 range it would have made competitive again. Especially with the horrendous prioritizing of the 3-5-7 template.

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  2. Ummmm seth you have a error lol. Tragicloss is a GIRL not a GUY xD. You have it put “He replied”. Easy mistake that’s all 🙂


  3. So this is just a Fury Tank in a diff skin and has a faster top speed despite lower HP/T ratio.
    same gun stats, same terrain stats, same armor.


    1. Well, I have to say that my current experiences with tier 6 lights and meds are not that bad. The mm is not as cancerous as on tier 8. As long as you don’t have to rely on armor, you’re fine.

      But yeah, the Shermans with 129mm pen are a pain to play in the current meta. Even the gold rounds are lacking pen.


      1. Tier 6 MM is ok? Are you drunk? I was trying to finish grind crew 3th perk on tier 6 skoda (while have 48proc bonus from Christmas tree and personal reserves). So on monday I have played 40 battles on afternoon/evening when is bigest online players. In top tier I was maybe 5-6 time only, more than 80proc battles was vs tier 8, the rest was Top tier 7. I just wanted to finish crew for skoda, cause already have tvp. To be honest, I’m not bad player with almost 2400 wn8 over 40k battles. So even for me this was anoying, I just can imagine how feels average or below average players with this new MM 3+5+7. It’s fucking terrible, WG promiss to be in top tier at least every 4th game is a joke (WG promissed if you were 3 times in row in bottom tier, next battle you will be in top tier).


  4. Ant Tier 6 Gun with standard 128mm AP penetration is simply terrible in the new ‘ladder template MM’ it cannot really damage ANY decently armoured Tier 8 tank – which it see’s a lot of now.

    Hitting the ‘Gold APCR’ 2 key will give 177mm penetration and I guarantee this will be the most used ammo (and very expensive!
    you will see much if any of a profit using Gold ammo in most battles

    WG is advertising for a new ‘game balance manager’ well here is a solid case for that person to see a new premium aka ‘shit tank’ in todays WOT meta and current MM,

    this needs Tier 6 tank Preferential MM to make it any kind of ‘good value’ in todays WOT

    shame really, I really enjoy Tier 6 its where you will find ‘real actual tanks’ that you can still see in museums today,


  5. from the stream i saw its a fast/fragile pew pew tank. I guess for collectors or people who wanna train their crews might be good.

    but at the stream it mentioned, from the streamer, that it wont come with crew with BIA, just with 6th sense for the commander (mr Loza).


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