WoT RU: “New Year’s offensive.” What figures!

Source: WoT RU Portal

“The New Year offensive” is about to end, and we offer those who “finishes” the desired level of the atmosphere and collects the collection, a little distraction by some interesting facts.


9 thoughts on “WoT RU: “New Year’s offensive.” What figures!

    1. you get the camouflage , some paint and inscriptions…….and when you finished collection you get 48% bonuses to xp,credits….so the soner you finished it the more time you have to use them since bonuses end when the Christmas special end


  1. > 178967 Tier 8 prems have found their new owners

    Were these won from the loot crates, or this includes the ones bought with gold? Either case, it’s a pretty low number for the largest cluster. Glad I avoided the gambling bait.


    1. Bait or not, i bought a 75 pack, and ended up with the Patriot (without skin, from box), those 3 tier 4 prems, 42 days of prem time won from crates, ~5m creds, an fv4202 bought with gold from crates, 1 year of prem time bought with gold from crates and still have a leftover of about 4k gold. So it was a sweet deal for me, as we could say i bought 1 year of prem and got gifted 2 tier 8 prems, 4k gold, 3 tier 4 prems and 5m silver


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