Wargaming recruiting Game balance designers for WoT PC

The following job opening was recently posted in the careers section of Wargaming’s official website:


Wargaming is looking to hire a Game Balance Designer to join the development team involved in our flagship title, World of Tanks (PC).

Do you believe you are a World of Tanks game mechanics expert, with experience working on a project of the same size? Do you want to leverage your expertise to fine-tune game balance for a title with a multi-million audience? Then we want to hear from you!

We need a result-orientated team player who can speak one language with their colleagues.

What you will do:

  • Tune the battle characteristics of game vehicles
  • Analyze stats and run test battles on dysfunctional vehicles
  • Introduce balance changes into tank features
  • Interact with various development and publishing units
  • Draw up documents


  • Solid experience as a game balance designer on similar-scale projects
  • A committed World of Tanks player (please indicate you in-game nickname, number of battles, and victory rate)
  • Deep understanding of World of Tanks game mechanics
  • Experience working with XML editors
  • Analytical mindset
  • Ability to cope under stress
  • A proactive team player


  • Gaming experience with Wargaming’s other titles
  • Working knowledge of graphic editors (Maya)
  • Gaming experience with various game genres (action, RPG)
  • Knowledge of English

If you’ve got what it takes to fix this one hell of a mess of a game, go right ahead, the future of WoT is counting on you!


23 thoughts on “Wargaming recruiting Game balance designers for WoT PC

    1. well i do NOT want a 47% wr potato balancing the game…

      they finally want some1 who played the game, KNOWS about its mechanics and how to play, so i believe they will ask for at least a 54%wr

      it is totally nonsense at this moment to add a person who doesnt know about the game, or one who does but has no idea about how to play.

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      1. Well, it kind of depends, many people with high winrates have spent their time in one particular tank just to get that winrate up because it is easy. They need to find someone with a balance between average tier, winrate, hitrate, average xp and someone that has spent an equal amount of battles between the nations different tiers and tanks. Having someone with 82% winrate and 30 000 battles in the PZII J isn’t really what I would call a good choice for a game balancer.


        1. At the moment they really just go “oh no, this popular tank from our great former union of imbecils is performing badly, lets buff it to make it more popular.”


    1. Conditions in that new Cyprus building looked really good, plus the nearby beaches!
      But I wonder what the pay is like?


  1. I’d like to apply. No f… idea about XML and May but my KV-5 with 167mm pen is a laugh and noone in WG even cares about buffing it.


    1. i ACTUALLY LIKE THE 167 PEN… Whoops caps
      Anyway, I’m weird I know, but I wouldn’t trade that DPM for pen, I just use the rof to wreck other tanks. Its the joy of playing the odd monster.


  2. Hmm, i think the best candidate would be a trashcan. Because im pretty sure even without a brain and filled with garbage, it can still do better balancing than WG


  3. It doesn’t matter who fulfills ‘this’ position, as this one person/dev hardly has any power on decision making to change the heading of WoT.

    The companies whole internal operational structure needs to be restructured for that.
    Like higher level functions (producers and management for instance), those folks do the actual decision making on the development direction.

    Not some ground hog doing the actual labor.

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  4. I hope they hire some 60+% WR player, because now it seems the balancing department is full of 45% players or even people who dont play the game at all, as they stated that statistically Type 5 Heavy is hard to play and is completely balanced.


  5. proof that’s if we ever needed proof that WG did indeed have a good/great/ fabulous Tank game for a couple of years
    *then the bean counters in accounting and marketing took over WOT direction and FUKED it up so badly
    That now
    the WG Executives don’t have a fucking clue how to bring it back onto pre-cash-cow course as a “fun, enjoyable, immersing experience, addictive to play

    good luck to the poor Sod that takes this thankless job on

    WG have a awful record of listening to NOBODY and for a long time, bad habits and poor work practice will be tough to break in those hallowed lofty princely WG Executive suites in Minsk


    1. You’d turn out to be similar to the current guy. You both have pretty fucked up ideas of how the game should be at times. Sorry not sorry.


      1. So the game shouldn’t have each tank class feel unique and purposeful as well as each nation having their own strengths and weaknesses instead of HTs having nearly no armor, MTs being UFOs, and the same 5 tanks being brought to every map for CW?


  6. A golden opportunity. For the love of all things holy, get a sane human being into WG and backhand the hell out of their manifold cancers! Perhaps this one individual may be deliberately ignored, but if they keep getting told that they’re bad and should feel bad, eventually that’s exactly what’ll happen.


  7. ez peezy just make certain any and all russian tanks have better performance than all other branches in every manner and you’ll fast track for promotions to lick serb’s wrinkled sack.


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