Supertest: MTLS-1G14 – Complete Stats

Developers decided to take a look at this vehicle and explore its possibilities on the Supertest. The tank can use both of its guns now. This could mean ST-II is also coming soon.

Remember that the characteristics of the vehicle are being tested at the moment and each of the parameters listed below may change.

It was created for the needs of the armed forces stationed in the Dutch East Indies. In the years 1941-1942, 125 vehicles were produced. Only 20 of them were ordered, but they were not used in fighting.

Updated stats in bold.


Tier: LT-3, USA
HP: 250    230
Engine: 240 hp
Mass: 15,469 t
Maximum load: 17,35 t
Power-to-weight: 15,51 hp / t
Max speed / Minimum speed: 42 / -16 km / h    55 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 40 °/s
Turret turning speed: 45,9 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,093 / 1,256 / 2,522
View range: 320 m    280 m
Radio range: 338,9 m

Hull armor: 38,1 / 25,4 / 25,4 mm
Turret armor: 38,1 / 25,4 / 25,4 mm

Gun: 37 mm dual automatic cannon

Alpha Damage: 40 / 40 / 50    40×2 / 40×2 / 50×2
Penetration: 45 / 61 / 19 mm
Rate of fire: 36,753    23,529 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 470,1    941,2
Reload time (magazine): 15,2 s    4,6 s
Reload time between magazine shells: 0,125 s    0,5 s
Rounds in magazine: 2
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,46    0,403
Aiming time: 1,64 s    1,44 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +25


24 thoughts on “Supertest: MTLS-1G14 – Complete Stats

  1. I think I spotted one of these in randoms a couple of years ago. Or something very similar. Still, nice direction for WG, hope for many more double barreled tanks.

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  2. Something is wrong with the statistics. The magazine size cannot be 10 or the reload cannot be 4.6 seconds to get a DPM of 940. Since I imagine they’re going to keep the magazine size, that would make the magazine reload 23 seconds and change, since it takes each shell 0.5s to fire, that would give ~25 seconds between the first shot of each magazine. 60/25=2.4*400 (damage per magazine)=960.

    I imagine that the 4.6s reload value they list is not actually for the whole magazine, but per bullet of the magazine, hinting at a system that lets you fire and load individual shells of the magazine (or simply, an error)


    1. Hi,
      In fact there is no more magazine.
      2 shots, then 4.6 sec reload, then again 2 shots, then 4.6 sec reload…
      Its more balanced now.


      1. That makes much more sense. How is after-shot dispersion handled with the two-gun system? Do both guns fire at the same time with the same accuracy?


      1. dont see this one as op atm

        Compared to cruiser IV it is less mobile and has worse gundepression and penetration
        M2 is far better in spotting and long distance fighting
        the swedish is a nice long distance gun and also performs good in close range because armor
        All of these are more flexible imho

        This one is probably nice against low armored stuff in close range but thats pretty much all I see at the moment

        but lets wait and see how this dual shoot system works


        1. Of course I am seal clubber master 😛

          Have no credits for 8+ games and 6+ sucks because of matchmaking
          the number of premiums already around is not even funny probably more than standard T 8
          tier 5 meds are crap because no hp compared to heavies
          And tier 1-2 sucks because of the stupid low tier maps

          So where are the choices to still have fun and earn credits
          My T 8 premiums are either outdated or boring or both
          Used to play tier 6 usually but after they introduced the 34 85 M
          which appeared 10 times ever battle the mediums I played werent fun anymore

          Of course that some tanks are stupid Op makes it funny to play tier 3 also
          Wg doesnt seems to care about other tanks than tier 8-10 becauise they re busy with pumping out more op premium stuff wich fucks up everybodys fun experience


        1. I dont have this one but it looks funny dont remember being killed by these so probably very rare tank

          I only rarely playing tds hetzer is sometimes funny but the new chinese tier 4 is better because of the rediculous strong he
          against low armored stuff you have like 4 k dpm together with great mobility and a gun that could stop autofire guns like this on the 1c


  3. Have it not always been able to use both guns? As going by the few review videos of the tank years ago. Then again they are going by console stats by the looks of it. As they have had it, in dual fire mode for a long time. It’s basically a T7CC with more pen one tier up. So not great, but not OP either.

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    1. IIRC from the review videos I saw, It only had one gun but it fired two shells in quick succession, but I am going from memory here.


    2. There was light and sound from both barrels but in reality the shell came from the mathematical center of the turret like all tanks


  4. Glad to see this tank finally getting some attention. I personally like it because it was intended for Dutch use. Just hope I can buy the tank on its own, and not part of some overpriced bundle.


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