The analysis of maps based on server statistics: “Karelia”

Source: WoT RU portal.

Do you want us to tell you what often prevents you from winning a battle? Poor possession of the map. Make a small mistake –  that’s it, a hysterical and joyous defeat rushes towards you.

Don’t panic, we have something that will be useful even for experienced tankers, not to mention newcomers – server statistics. Information, based on it, definitely will come in handy in battle. Watch and play with sense.

General description of the map:

First, let’s refresh the general information and recall the legend of the map.

Translations:  Объезд – detour, Камни – Stones, Низина – lowlands,  Верхняя база – Upper base, Плато – Plateau, Склон – Slope, Болота – Swamp, Заезд – ramp, Балкон – Balcony, Штаны – Pants (cause of the shape maybe?), Проезд – passage, Нижняя база – Lower base, Ущелье – Ravine.

“Karelia” is a half-open map of 1000 by 1000 m area with two main directions of attack and a large marshy zone in the center, conditionally dividing the map into two zones of influence. The clash of the main opposing forces of the teams takes place in the area of ​​the ravine and the detour. Control over the ravine is achieved by the team whose fast tanks won the fight in the “pants”. Thus, the team gets the opportunity to cross fire on the enemy in this zone, and also to provide fire to the “swamp”, “plateau” and tank areas near the enemy base, which can only defend or retreat. In the direction through the detour, everything is decided in a head-on collision between opposing teams, and the winners have the opportunity to break through to the enemy base.

Positions of effective fire

The marked positions reflect the location of the equipment and the direction of the fire, where the players most effectively deal damage in the battle. This data is based on server statistics, which is based on a huge number of battles played on the map.

During battles, you should choose the direction on which the techniques will feel most comfortable and will be able to be fully realized. Areas where the enemy can provide effective fire are necessary to avoid or to act very carefully.

Note: these maps are interactive, to view them please visit the main page.

Positions of effective fire for the bottom team:

Positions of effective fire for the upper team:

Positions where vehicles are most often destroyed:

Based on statistics for the huge number of fights, the team’s vehicles are most often destroyed in these positions. Therefore, you need to act very carefully or choose safer routes while near them.

Bottom base:

Upper base:

Zones of concentrated artillery fire:

From the marked positions the artillery fires most frequently and effectively. Controlling the enemy’s artillery and destroying it in these positions will greatly facilitate the life of your allies.

Bottom base:

Upper base:

Here it is, the map “Karelia”, with all its advantageous and not the most profitable positions. Take on arms!