Operation Gambit – RU Clan Bans

After the recently completed campaign, all awarded players have been thoroughly screened for unfair mods or behaviors. And as it usually happens, there were some black sheep. The following list includes clans that were “selling” places in their ranks to players who wanted to win a tank. Those are:

[SP_DV] “The Shock Legion”
[TRNDO] Tornado (Russian Tank Alliance)

These clans received a double punishment. The first is the total dissolution of the clan by WG. The second is to zero all points scored by the clan (and its members) before the end of the event itself. All members of these clans can say goodbye to their tenth-tier prizes.

WG stipulated that in the future similar actions will also be carried out.

The action took place on the RU server.


16 thoughts on “Operation Gambit – RU Clan Bans

  1. I don’t see the problem here.
    How Clans recruite players should be total in there hands. If clans sells places for money, where is the problem?
    I can understand that this way “better” players in other clans maybe don’t get a reward.
    But other clans have other rules for recruiting: A min. WN8, a special language, or they must come from a specific country. Or they must be online for at least a specific time.
    Its totaly in the hand of the clans who they take as members.
    There should be no punishment for clans who sell places for money.

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    1. because its not fair……people are accepting monetary gain to get things they otherwise cant get on their own with their own skills, it shouldnt be about who has more money and pay to wins their way into a spot, im glad these scummy clans got whats coming to them now they just need to do this to EU and NA servers

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      1. lol, complaining about pay2win in a most pay2win game out there? The only reason wg is punishing it is because it’s not them who’s making the money here, so they take it personally.

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      2. WG creates artificial scarcity for either or interesting tanks and no other way to get them than in clans. Sure it motivates people to play in clans, but once said clan members mostly have the rewards they want, what’s the point outside of practices like selling spots? People want rare tanks, clans need a reason to keep playing.

        WG can make the rules and you can agree or disagree, but for the players involved it made sense. I can’t say I can blame any of them, and at worst other players may feel the tanks they earned got devalued because others bought them. But hey, look at the mutant debacle, it’s not like WG cares about things like that.

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    2. It seems you are moraly very flexible… 🙂

      But it should be obvious that this behaviour of the clans is just unfair and if you want to buy something….the premium shop is right there. The rest you have to earn! And no, it is not enough “to be online at a specific time” or the other points you mentioned.

      Even when you have some subclans and you help some of the members from there and let them temporary join your main clan, then this is not fair even though it is not forbidden unless you dont take money for it.


    3. You don’t understand the concept. For example, you own a Supermarket somewhere, how would you feel if other sellers would come into your store and sell your goods for their gain? Other people made money of WG clan wars event. And the players I believe didn’t receive rights to sell clan spots (tanks) from wargameing.


  2. I’m pretty sure there are a number of top clans on EU server (mainly GO-IN from my information) who were selling places in the clan to players to get the tanks.

    I think EU will be next to be properly investigated.


  3. NA clan Mahou sold 3 spots for 500.00 each Nothing done. All 3 members were kicked after pay outs. 1500 to 1200 WN8 players in Top NA clan


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