Updated – Possible 800k credit in WOT?


If you’ve been playing WOT for a long time and have everything researched, there’s a chance you don’t need any tanks other than tier X, so you can use this New Year special to make some credits. First you need to reach level 7 festive atmosphere. I’ve bought tanks tier 2-7 and sold them immediately for a nice profit. Tier 2-5 are 100% discounted, tier 6 has 80% and tier 7 has 60% discount. Tier 8 has 50% discount, so there’s no profit bcs you’re selling it for a half of the price.

As Quaksen wrote in comment:

The highest value tanks are:
Tier II: France, H35 (4.200)
Tier III: USSR, SU-26 (53.000)
Tier IV: France, B1 (185.000)
Tier V: Japan, O-I Exp. (445.000)
Tier VI: USA, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo (975.000)
Tier VII: Japan, O-Ni (1.490.000)
Tier II-V: 343.600
Tier VI: 292.500
Tier VII: 149.000
Total profit: 785.100

tier 2+3+4+5 -> regular price is 558.3k credits, paid 0 and sold for  279.15k, profit 279.15k

tier 6 -> regular price is 930k, paid 186k and sold for 465k, profit 279k

tier 7 -> regular price is 1,38m, paid 552k and sold for 690k, profit  138k

total profit is 696,15k

I went with German arty line, but you could probably make even more credits with other tanks…