1.0 Video Preview


Arctic Region(09:30)


12 thoughts on “1.0 Video Preview

  1. Lakevile looks great in particular.

    I’m still waiting to see how the changes to the maps will affect the gameplay though as it’s not simply a re-skin but full re-model.

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  2. As stunning as it looks and it absolutely does! Regretfully this polish up won’t do anything for the increased balance issues plaguing World of Tanks ever since Wargaming’s vision and development strategy changed about two years ago.

    Too bad that stunning graphics are not the only facet that makes a game a good game…otherwise WG would have aced it with this.

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  3. Now take these tanks and dip them in sticky goo… That’s how the game is, new graphics are great, new destruction of objects is interesting, but the game is NEVER this fun, fast or dynamic, they have to run the video in 3x speed to get action-feeling, than we get to play sluggish, slow moving and slow firing boredom inducing machines.

    Why the speed and excitement are limited to commercials? Run the vid in slow-mo to get realistic game feeling. What about some realistic, boring ads? Or maybe a more dynamic game?

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  4. Well this seems to eliminate corridors. The spaces are much more open now and the arty threat is real again. This will either turn into a camp fest or people will actually start moving (except the bots and noobs) since cover isn’t all that efficient anymore. Arctic region mountains seem much smaller and the roads are wider. Hell even lakeville seems more like an open map now. Plus the hill climbs are smaller so more opportunities to be hull down and actually use gun depression. Gone will the days of having -14 gdep in the udes, climbing over a hill and STILL not having enough gun depression to hit without being hit first.


  5. Looks very nice. WG has always had and has great designers regarding astetics. They also had great maps, which where outstanding, like North-West and Pearl-River. I hpe they bring them back because with more city maps, they will further harm gameplay.


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