WoWS: Free Christmas Crate

New Year Gift
It may contain:
  • 300 doubloons
  • 10,000 Free XP
  • 30 Premium days
  • x5 Frosty Fir Tree camouflages
  • x50 Zulu signals
  • x50 Papa Papa signals
  • x50 Zulu Hotel signals
  • x50 Equal Speed Charlie London signals
  • De Grasse
  • Mutsu

18 thoughts on “WoWS: Free Christmas Crate

  1. Can I claim the content of the crate without playing WoWs? Because if there are Premium Days included then I can use them for WoT 😀


              1. got them….its easier to get them from within the game……just go to Santa’s shop and follow couple of easy instructions……I got 10k free xp and 300 gold……nothing special but its free so I cant complain……..and I got 100 Wyvern flags from super container from daily xp container so I am happy 🙂

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