WoT – Mauerbrecher Ad

Yup, guess WG is advertising prem tanks now…


27 thoughts on “WoT – Mauerbrecher Ad

    1. Yup, couldn’t they asked at least one german, how is that spelled before adding to video? C’mon WG! Even in English you spell the “Š” from letters SCH not CH.


    1. Actually you are wrong, it is “the unstoppable” not “he”, it is pronounced as theee cuz of the “u” in the following word


    2. After watching it again, it might actually be “be unstoppable” either it is “the” or “be” but definitely not “he”


        1. Why would nazi germany use that slogan when Berlin was united back then?

          BTW neither does the communist slogan “За Сталина!” have place WoT


              1. I have no idea how can someone be that stupid. A nazi slogan would be “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”.
                “Ein Berlin” is used for the reunion of berlin in 1989.
                Read a history book you moron

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              2. Liberated? LIBERATED? Yeah, tell that to the nations that they occupied. Not a goddamn hero there. Shut up with your fables.

                Can’t believe people are still kissing a dictators ass after he has been dead for over 60 years. Weak minds I guess.


  1. How would one want to purchase a tank whose pseudo-historical scenario is that of rotting during 50 years in a cave, then being found and finally being used as a bulldozer, without shooting a single shell? I have never read a story less sexy. I may purchase the VK168.01, but never the « « Mauerbrecher » ».


    1. I wonder if it will be like with the Liberte, Patriot, Defender and STG, so like two Versions with and without the “Paintjob”… sure they said at some point clown camos will be able to ne switched off, but i just hope we’ll get two Versions of it.


  2. The latest prems like lor and patriot have around 230 pen. The cheeks of the gun can even be penned on close range by these tanks. The vk168 its endgame is a hp cow to be milked on the map.


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