WoT: Micropatch Coming Soon


The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 21.12.2017 from 05:00 – 05:45 CET due to this update.

On Thursday morning, December 21, a micropatch will be rolled out which will change the mod folders – new ones being: /res_mods/ and /mods/

The patch fixes some interface bugs and will seriously break the mods. GG WG.

36 thoughts on “WoT: Micropatch Coming Soon

  1. Fcuk WG for this, fcuk them hard and deep!
    Since 2013 I played and ranted, that I have to update the mods every one and a half month, when a major update was released. And many times old mods still worked on new clients with no issues in such cases.
    But now it seems like a dream scenario, because patches themselves come out more frequently, then there are the smaller 0.X.X.X patches, and these dumb 0.X.X.X.X patches come out almost once per week and always break all the mods.
    Why, oh why WG can’t you test your stuff before releasing to public like you used to?

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    1. Don’t use mods as a crutch for your lack of skill…problem solved. If you had anything remotely close to intelligence you’d know mods are fuck all to do with WG, you expect Asda or Tesco to modify soething in thier store so it fits in with what Sainsbury is doing?.. same thing idiot. Again tho stop using mods especially if you think (lol imagine you thnking) you can’t do without them. Most of us manag just fine without them and do a damn sight better than your paltry 46% winrate….


      1. Mods are actually useful though, even you play vanilla: where do think WG got the idea to include multi-line tank carousel and minimap last known location, for example, in the client?

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      2. @hulkageddon2

        Please shut up you fool, you presume people use mods that help them in battle, when the fact a huge amount of people use mods just for cosmetic changes, or for added useful garage features…

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      3. @hulkageddon2

        Oh, and as for mods having fuck all to do with WG, that’s bullshit.
        Not only is modding officially supported by WG (they have even had modding competitions), but they have added a lot of features to the game that were originally only available via mods.
        Their devs are so fucking useless they rely on modders to give them good ideas to add to the game.

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            1. Well just a usuall pseudo intellectuall argument…
              “Hmm i dont think i can win the argument so i just say that your argument is so bad that it is not woth replying.”


          1. @hulkageddon2

            Drink bleach you useless cunt, you didn’t reply because you know you’re a fucking moron.
            Seriously, if you are the best shit your mother could push out of her rotten stinking snatch, she should never have been allowed to breed.


      4. Mods don’t need to affect gameplay. I use AniWot, a mod with anime skins for my tanks. I love it and it’s very annoying to have to redownload a new version every other day so to speak. It’s pretty ignorant to go bashing people for using mods and just assume it’s due to incompetence. EG: I play with XVM mod (for the automatic equipment/crew transfers) and AniWot and I do pretty ok in the game (accountname Bertuhan, if you do not believe me)


  2. It`s kinda funny how everyone is crying about mods giving unfair advantage. I bet 99% of these whiners are shit players anyway.

    What was the word again…? (English is not my native…)
    Oh yeah,

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  3. I love the smug gg wg. It really shows the world that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    This is computer programming son, not carpeting where it doesn’t really matter where exactly the nail sticks into the wood. That fact that any Change (which is a curse in IT) breaks stuff is more a sign of GOOD code then bad code. It means that there isn’t any spaghetti code for compatibility reasons. The last thing you want is them taking third parties code into account.


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