M6A2E1 Compensation for Pre-Order Buyers

The „Alien” was a tank that could be pre-ordered long ago. Overpowered at first, it gradually got powercreeped until the HD remodeling. Now, though, you cannot obtain it anymore… Except that it will appear in the Advent calendar this year.

Anyone who purchased the tank in the pre-order can pick up a pack of 3: unique camouflages, emblem and inscription. In this way, WG wants to compensate their loyal players for the unfulfilled promise. The ones who pre-ordered long ago should get a mail from WG. In the pic below you can also see the emblem, inscription and camouflage variants:

I will quote JPK, a reader, regarding this, because I have a similar opinion:

„The funny thing? You do not get enough emblems to use them in every season, not even if you put them on one side of the vehicle only. Even funnier? They are unhistorical so the vast majority of the playerbase won’t see them even though they get to see stuff like Patriot or Liberte. It really shows how much they care about us, the old players. They just sent this thing as an excuse for the upcoming M6A2E1 sale – „We sent them compensation, stop complaining! We played fair!”. This is so unbelievably sad that I really have no more words.”


38 thoughts on “M6A2E1 Compensation for Pre-Order Buyers

  1. I bought it to collect another American heavy that existed, I think clan reward tanks should be offered for sale also, but with minimum requirement of battles or something like that. As for making the pre orders and clan tanks special, how about giving camos that everyone has to see and give them really good XP and credit boost past normal premium tanks, or even a small gold income ability.

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  2. I knew a guy that often streamed WoT. He played with the Mutant a lot. Then April came around and he simply left. WG betrayed him and many more. Even if I could contact him to tell him of these news, he wouldn’t return. Quite sad, actually.

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      1. no shit that retarded camo and inscription the tank was more special,i already quit becoz they resold this tank as a pre order it was my way to showing i stick around for so long ya know


    1. Seb,

      Its a fucking GAME u stupid fuck. All tanks should be sold. These preorder assholes had the tank for all that time and now, FUCK EM. All praise to WG for selling the tank, GG WG.

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    2. I can’t see it as a betrayal, what’s the difference of someone who had the luck of finding WoT from the start and someone who learned about it later but still wants to support the game?

      in this case I look at War Thunder and I have to say they have made the right choice from the start of simply never removing the pre-order packs from the store, as long as the price stays relatively the same (with compensation if the meta made the tank UP or increase if OP) as the one paid originally

      the second option would be having the Mutant and it’s pilot in the game, the Mutant would be the final form with thick and sloped frontal armour (as planned), the Pilot (or 1st prototype) would be the one that was tested with the normal armour of a T1/M6

      furthermore I cannot understand why players feel so betrayed, sure they said it would only be available for pre-order but then again what about the Pz.IV Hydro, the Pz.IIJ, BT-SV, etc…?

      I think it’s hypocritical being against the Mutant being available once again for the same price they paid, which means no one is losing anything, and then not having the same opinion about those special code tanks that were supposed for the russian market only that have not only been bought from Russia as well as been made available in the stores not too long ago

      it’s the same thing as with the E-25 and Type 59, everyone is against them being for sale but everyone buys them which shows their hypocrisy

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      1. You miss a point there, man.
        It’s not everyone that buys them. The playerbase is rather divided, so finding the group of people that are against the selling of this or any other tank, is easy and can be separated from the players that don’t give a crap about promises and whatnot.
        In other words, the playerbase is large enough to have two separate groups, there are no overlapping players, I believe.
        However, you do make a fair point. As an April 1st Mutant owner myself, I fully understand your concept. Now only if WG wasn’t straight up lying in the face of the players. :/


        1. yeah, I just don’t think that such “promise” is worth this much whining
          what players should keep in check and complain about is their many promises of trying to make the game balanced or more historical and ho they continously keep failing to do so with introduction of OP premiums and such
          I would understand if it were a Alpha or Beta-tester exclusive tank, not about a tank which the sole purpose was financing the game development because that remains true be it bought in 2011 or 2021, on the other hand failing to keep promises regarding the game itself is the only thing worth keeping them in check for

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    1. well, if it gets added to WT it will probably be a premium because it’s BR would conflict wiht the T32 (most likely), all because they don’t like to add several american vehicles with the exact same BR (that’s why there’s only one P-40 in the US aviation TT, we need more of it’s variants) even when they sometimes have 3 or 4 like that in the soviet TT (like the 3 or 4 heavies at BR5.3)


  3. Good, about time WG figured out that time-limited exclusives are bull. Honestly I don’t think they should have even given those whiners free camo. Tank nerfs are the only thing that justify compensation, and it’s not like the Mutant is somehow a worse tank if more people can play it.


    1. But it became worse to play with because before WG sold it almost nobody knew how to play against it but the day before they put it in the shop quickybaby did a video on it and all his fangirls learned the weakspots. Although i’ve recently started to play with it again and seems like most of them have forgot already, I think when it’s on sale this year too people will look up that video again.


  4. Funny thing is WG could just made TWO different Mutants and leave one exclusively for pre-order folks and use other model for new player, and the backlash might be less severe.
    I say might because at this point i know WG playerbase loves to whines anyway.

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  5. WG really seams to have a hard time simply creating a M6A2E1(P) for Preorder. Was no problem for the pz4/5 alpha and the kv-220 beta, yet doing this for ppl that actually were promised an exclusive tank as a part of a legally binding contract seems to be an impossible task for WG.
    Funny enough just renaming the tank would have been cheaper for WG than actually paying some stuff member to create this camo noone will ever see (as non historical is deactivated by default).

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    1. I’m not sure I’d like to buy it – but most owners left long time ago and it really is a shame nobody gets to see the Mutant in battle. I think it’s a really shitty compensation of course – but at the current time it doesn’t feel wrong selling some of them… We should rather debate a better compensation like 3-6 months of premium to the current owners for their loyalty and support.


  6. Shouldn’t be on sale, sucks for tank collectors but without some serious talking with the players who have them as a pre-order thing and giving them something worth while that tank should just be theirs


  7. So what if the emblems and inscriptions are not enough and the camo is unhistorical? They’re still giving it to old players for free, complaining about the mutant being on sale again is understandable but complaining about not getting enough free stuff is just sad.


  8. As somebody who played since Beta, I dislike exclusivity. If a tank is not broken than sell it. I collect tanks for myself, not to drive in front of people and smirk thinking “Hey, look at me! You will never be able to buy this again!”
    If it would be an exclusive visual only reward like those badges or the special mounts I got back when I played WoW I would not care if you could not get it, but exclusive tanks with exclusive armor layouts and playstyles are not something I ever wanted.


  9. My God the big blubbering baby’s that play this game. WAAHHHhhhhhhhhh. My super special tank.
    I collect tanks. I buy tanks. With the money I happily give to support the game I play they do things like develop a new game engine. code and build new tanks. Suck it up man. Clint Eastwood was right. “Generation of Pu**y’s”


  10. Homer_J, do you remember how the tank was back then? 🙂
    I have the PzV/IV and I could sadly not afford the Mutant back in the days.
    It was possible to get 2 different preorder tanks, was it?

    To complainers:
    And what is wrong with Limited time Exclusivity?!
    How many years was the mutant not available?
    + those that still complain that the Mutant was sold.
    Do you really not have any bigger problems in life?!
    If you don’t…. can we switch life?


    1. answer to this is this: the tank is not rare, the tank as no value anymore, its just a underpowered useless t8 now

      it used to hold a value, our gift for been there as a supporter, keeping that game alive, to us its not the tank it self that gone for sell that was the pure insult, was that a game company wargaming broke a promise that we are the only one as pre order that will ever own that tank, it was our badge that we are the one that risk our money to help start this game the way it is today, to be honest without the supporter that push the money to help grow this game

      its not just the developers, and the marketing that made this game alive, is the people that spent and invested, wg turn around to us and spit in our face by breaking a promise and sell the tank

      believe or not this game as not much life anymore, and it will declined, enjoy while it last, coz it wont last long


  11. Damn, this shit is even worse than WG simply selling the tank without giving anything to preorder owners. This is more like a dick slap in the face than compensation.

    There’s a lesson for everyone though. Once any promise is broken, even once, the company can’t be trusted ever again. Nothing they say, no matter how much they will promise, has any weight to it any more.


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