M6A2E1 Compensation for Pre-Order Buyers

The „Alien” was a tank that could be pre-ordered long ago. Overpowered at first, it gradually got powercreeped until the HD remodeling. Now, though, you cannot obtain it anymore… Except that it will appear in the Advent calendar this year.

Anyone who purchased the tank in the pre-order can pick up a pack of 3: unique camouflages, emblem and inscription. In this way, WG wants to compensate their loyal players for the unfulfilled promise. The ones who pre-ordered long ago should get a mail from WG. In the pic below you can also see the emblem, inscription and camouflage variants:

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I will quote JPK, a reader, regarding this, because I have a similar opinion:

„The funny thing? You do not get enough emblems to use them in every season, not even if you put them on one side of the vehicle only. Even funnier? They are unhistorical so the vast majority of the playerbase won’t see them even though they get to see stuff like Patriot or Liberte. It really shows how much they care about us, the old players. They just sent this thing as an excuse for the upcoming M6A2E1 sale – „We sent them compensation, stop complaining! We played fair!”. This is so unbelievably sad that I really have no more words.”