WZ-111 – 44.08 € – Advent Calendar Day 14


The WZ-111 is a Chinese heavy tank that puts its focus on mobility and rate of fire. This makes it a strong choice against both heavy and medium tanks if played correctly. However, compared to its brother, the 112, it features thinner armor, and even with the pike nose angles it’s not as strong. Focus on dealing damage instead of taking it.


9 thoughts on “WZ-111 – 44.08 € – Advent Calendar Day 14

  1. and all in all the WZ-111 shares the same fate as the IS-6: with the new MM, it meets quite a number of tier 9. that fact plus all the new superheavies on tier 8 (Defender, O-Ho, VK 100.00 P, Patriot) make tanks armed with the 122mm gun rather worthless, as you cannot pen many of them even with APCR.

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    1. It’s one of the worst heavy tier 8 right now. It is only a money maker, the only good point for this chinese tank, when u not have to fire gold all the game

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