PRIMO VICTORIA – 35.95 € – Advent Calendar Day 12


The Primo Victoria is a Centurion-based vehicle dedicated to the band Sabaton and doesn’t just come with its own paint job, but also the entire band as crew members with the ‘Band of Brothers’ perk. Get yours today and roll out to victory!


16 thoughts on “PRIMO VICTORIA – 35.95 € – Advent Calendar Day 12

    1. Extremely expensive shell cost, paper hull armor, huge size, useless (at least for now) as crew trainer. Why would people buy this instead of the Patriot?


  1. Yawn yet again ……… Boring and so predictable from WG and another expensive cash cow Tier8 Premium, Xmas tine the season to be Tier 8 mostly standard Premiums buy anytime of year ….


  2. I love how people complain when WG sells OP premium tanks like Defender or Patriot and then the same people complain that WG sells only trash premiums nobody wants like Primo instead of ones i mentioned earlier. This playerbase is never happy.


    1. Primo is trash, already have Fv4202 same crap different package.

      Lets be clear Defender is not OP. ITs more like IS3 but with premium factor.

      There are three reasons why I want him 1st its look very nice, 2, it have premium factor (credits earning) 3, its like IS3 ( I love that play style)

      Neither of current other HT premiums give that in tier 8…


        1. With is7 armor lol. Prove it and elaborate! Give me numbers my dear friend.

          Maybe you wanted to say also that it have gun like e100 and dpm like strv and camo like e25 and speed like a amx 1357f.

          Stronk pills you are taking?

          Its more like any other decent tank ic you know how to play it it will be OP if yo dont know how to play it it will be patato.


  3. Pro:
    – Strong turretarmor
    – Decent dpm
    – Good penetration (226mm)
    – Very good shellvelocity (1300 m/s)
    – Decent mobility
    – Good accuracy

    – Gunhandling is meh, those gunsoftstats
    (aka bloom while moving/turret traverse)
    kill it, you need often too much time to aim.
    Snapshots dont work. Trust me.
    – Hullarmor is very weak, hiding it is
    essential, because there is a big ammo rack
    directly in the front of the hull and in the
    backside of the turret. Also the ammorack
    is rather weak with 220 hp. Nearly every
    gun you can meet has got enough
    moduledamage to damage your ammorack
    with one shot. Combine that with a 27%
    chance for ammorack damage and you get
    a very vulnerable tank.


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