World of Tanks – Insider News 08.12.2017

Source: Rykoszet


1. Anton Pankov has now way less influence during WoT development due to Rubicon (the failed 10.0, fyi) and some other recent fuckups

2. A new map is being made – Kaliningrad

3. There’s a high chance of the MBT-70 being introduced

4. Any info regarding the Polish line is kept under strict NDA.

5. WG has a lot of plans regarding the future, since they’re a bit miffed that the latest patch is a bit empty.

6. A new US med will probably be introduced, the AGF project from 1944.

7. WG understood their error and we’ll receive garage slots gift tanks next year.

And now the bomb.

Wheeled vehicles will be introduced. The only known info is that right now, WG is at the info gathering stage, and that the planned ETA is 2019-2020. One of the first ‘tanks’ will be the Puma. As Rykoszet states, implementing the vehicles IS NOT SURE, but very probable. However, the info that WG is searching for data and has plans to introduced wheeled vehicles is a fact.