World of Tanks – Insider News 08.12.2017

Source: Rykoszet


1. Anton Pankov has now way less influence during WoT development due to Rubicon (the failed 10.0, fyi) and some other recent fuckups

2. A new map is being made – Kaliningrad

3. There’s a high chance of the MBT-70 being introduced

4. Any info regarding the Polish line is kept under strict NDA.

5. WG has a lot of plans regarding the future, since they’re a bit miffed that the latest patch is a bit empty.

6. A new US med will probably be introduced, the AGF project from 1944.

7. WG understood their error and we’ll receive garage slots gift tanks next year.

And now the bomb.

Wheeled vehicles will be introduced. The only known info is that right now, WG is at the info gathering stage, and that the planned ETA is 2019-2020. One of the first ‘tanks’ will be the Puma. As Rykoszet states, implementing the vehicles IS NOT SURE, but very probable. However, the info that WG is searching for data and has plans to introduced wheeled vehicles is a fact.


39 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Insider News 08.12.2017

      1. They could give them different armaments that each nation wanted to equip to differentiate them. The MBT 70 would get the 152mm gun launcher while the Kpz 70 would get the 120mm


    1. Ima be mad if they do introduce the MBT/kpz70 but not the chieftain I have grinded all the way to tier 10 brit meds/heavies mostly for that tank, but then it never came…


    2. or that thing they made to replace the Chieftain but ended dropped in favor of the Challenger that was developed to be sold to the middle-east (Jordan, I believe), either way it would mean a new line with some of the Vickers MBTs (the Mk.I, at least, is weaker than the tier 9 Centurion, WT is a good example of that) and the Chieftain


  1. “1. Anton Pankov has now way less influence during WoT development due to Rubicon (the failed 10.0, fyi) and some other recent fuckups”

    That certainly explains the expression, the dull and sunken eyes the man has gotten over the past year or two.
    Always thought he was not the right man in the right place, too many odd development decisions were made under him, which imo can be attributed to his lead position.

    So I hope this grain of salt cuts some wood.

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  2. So, wow well did wheeled vehicles do in AW? Never played the game myself so I’d like to know, because I guess it would be similar experience in WoT.


    1. Depends on the class of the vehicle, there were mostly LAV scouts, fast guys with small guns, but advanced spotting packages. The other wheeled vehicles were tank destroyer class.


      1. Yes, I’m aware of different roles they would have. But so they would in WoT, if implemented. From scouts to tank destroyers.

        But how were they like to play in AW? Was it good experience for the player? Was it good for the gameplay?


        1. Tracked vehicles were way easier to play. Wheels made tou a bit faster, but overall I preferred tracked vehicles. Especially in wot’s corridor meta, wheeled vehicles (which will most likely be even lighter than the light tanks) will probably have difficulty doing well.


      1. if the MBT70 is added it will be as a heavy tank, unlike the Chieftain the MBT70 actually has strong armour due to the spaced armour effect, while IRL it’s armour was incomplete in WoT they can complete it and further increase it’s strength (by adding the radiation shielding materials, don’t know if lead was one of the materials used as it is ususal, such as for protection from x-rays)


        1. I don’t see then doing that, otherwise it would basically be immune to HE and HEAT of 105mm or smaller.

          I see WG adding it as a single slab of armor for balance (and modeling) reasons and making it a MT


    1. the fix to the medium line is like the split of the cruisers in WoWs, they keep saying it will happen but fail to point a “probable” ETA, and it’s not for the lack of options
      then we have the AGF, probably the oldest project no one talked aboutuntil now and that as soon as it became a bit more known it becomes the fastest conversion from “hype tank” to ingame vehicle we have ever seen in any game, it’s specs seem like a tier 7 linking the M4A3E2 “Jumbo” to the M26 (no longer need of the highly modified T20)


    1. “plans to nerf E25”

      Then why the hell are they still selling it in the calendar? You know how big of a shitstorm this would create?


  3. What if they will rework the Leopard line, push every tank back a tier (maybe remove the Indienpanzer) and put the MBT-70 on the end of the line as the Tier X?

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    1. They are not touching my lovely Leopard 1 😡
      😡 😡 😡


        1. Yes, it would, because I want it at tier 10, not at tier 9. Tier 9 means that it will be middle tier instead of top tier, and WG will most likely not set it to tier 9 with current stats, which means it will also get nerfed. That’s why it’s a big no-no from me.


    1. Back to WW2 nomenclature? Well then, you would have to rename German tech tree to Third Reich tech tree and Russian tech tree to Soviet Russia tech tree.


      1. Afaik The Russian Tree ingame is named USSR and also the map Stalingrad is nowadays known as Wolgograd so They should name it Königsberg instead of Kaliningrad

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  4. “Wheeled vehicles will be introduced.”
    Yes WG, fuck up your game event more. Obviusly WG didn’t bother to look at how silly these wheeled vehicles looked in their competetors game…


  5. “6. A new US med will probably be introduced, the AGF project from 1944.”
    it’s simply amazing, there have been so many hype tanks that were either never added or simply took too long to be added (O-I, Chieftain, Leo, Obj.430, which was hyped as soon as the T-62A was announced), then there’s the cases of tanks that have been requested for so long and that could actually make a full line (second US heavy line with the many detailed concepts available) without much luck, yet here we have a project that almost no one (or actually no one) talked about until just recently and as soon as Tanks-Encyclopedia makes an article about it we are informed it will be added to the game
    don’t know about you guys but the AGF is the perfect link between the M4A3E2 “Jumbo” and the T26 (instead of the highly modified T20) because it has thick frontal armour but a low damage gun, despite the high penetration for a 76mm gun (using APCR/APDS as default, as intended IRL) and the high ROF (required to produce as few smoke as possible, which means they wanted it to be able to keep firing ASAP)
    being a project from 1944 and intended to take the role the T25 seemed it would not (and did not) get accepted to, it is incredible that no one had brought it up before, now it will probably become a premium despite being obvious that knowing about it in the past would fill the obvious progression of part of the US medium line


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