THUNDERBOLT – 24.98 € – Advent Calendar Day 7


With this day’s Advent offer you’ll treat yourself with the M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII and a special crew, plus some gold, missions that boost your XP income significantly, and Personal Reserves for your crew.


14 thoughts on “THUNDERBOLT – 24.98 € – Advent Calendar Day 7

    1. Nope, Hype 59. WG said it’s too strong to sell it again, but they had to buff it recently, so it’s obviously not too strong anymore – time to milk the playerbase.

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        1. My deepest apologies, great leader. I didn’t knew that you were reading TAP. Please don’t punish me for my behavior, please keep guiding the HEAT shells of my T-54 to their targets…

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  1. It won’t be in the advent calendar. Does anybody read any comments after they post? I cannot stress this enough, i posted in every adevtn calendar day. Stop asking for it it won’t be in the calendar per official announcement. Buy yourself something better and save yourself the grief. Everybody knows here and how to pen it now.


    1. They will sell Defender… just look back on trough days and you will see how “good” is going this year advent sale. You can count on one hand finger how many times did you see tanks from sale… yesterday I have played around 20 games in t8 t9 MMs and I saw maybe 2 mutzs… and the days before where same… only t92 could be seen more than others…

      So they will scratch there heads on end a throw Defender in sale to boost there sale if they don’t do that they will have bone profit from this year Advent sale…


  2. The Thunderbolt, is actually pretty good as a tier 6, it’s almost a Jumbo-Lite better armour than the E8 and more mobile than the Jumbo. I like it.


    1. Personnaly, I didn’t liked it much. The UFP armor is strong, but the turret, the obious lower plate, the sides and MG port are made of cheese and so easy to hit you end up relying on RNG and your opponent’s stupidity to ding anything.

      Those dispersion values, tho.

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  3. €25,- for this!?…each year the advent calendar get’s greedier. Who in their right mind can call this a “discount” anyway.

    I feel sorry for all the poor sods who fall for WG’s cheap money grab marketing machine…I really do.

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