March of Nations – Missing Awards & Official Response

Yesterday, rewards were awarded for the March of Nations – some players pointed out that not all prizes were delivered to their accounts and therefore there was some confusion on the forum in which one of the employees of – Ph3lan replied:

From what he wrote, it appears that the prizes are still being awarded and there is nothing to panic about. Not all will be awarded at the same time, but it will definitely reach the players. Well, we have to wait patiently to settle this matter.


3 thoughts on “March of Nations – Missing Awards & Official Response

  1. Considering premium days came in waves last night, and emblems and a few more premium days came today. thought they would keep coming in waves. Still missing a weeks time of premium. But I still have the week or so I got already. So not really to fuzzed about it.


  2. It appears they are getting very little right of late, something is not right so many bugs happening and errors. Hardly great for player experience all this. I’m pretty tolerant of most things however the shear number is starting to annoy me.

    Never a clear message to the players they always talk in riddles and leave themselves with a get out.


  3. I love it when WG is treating me like schit, I love the bugs, I love the disrespect towards the players. Fuch this schit.


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