Advent Calendar Missions – How to Activate them (Video Guide)


12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Missions – How to Activate them (Video Guide)

    1. Obviously, WG analysed the numbers and concluded: mostly everybody is too dumb to find the special ‘mission’ hidden inside the ‘store’ tab. Who knew!

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      1. Haven’t logged in WoT in quite a bit but, WG didn’t go to the trouble of making a video explaining how to access the missions and posting it on their front page if their numbers showed people weren’t having difficulties accessing/finding the mission without trouble.

        Alternatively, maybe most just couldn’t be arsed to access it in the first place and WG felt it necessary to make a news post about it… who the hell knows really.


    1. Thing is… that there would be a popup to activate the mission along with the offer each time you logon. But it’s only worked on 1 of the 5 days for most so far. So since they can’t be arsed to fix it. They do this. As it’s easier. Thing is that the more of those missions you do, the more stuff you get for the holiday ops thingy later.

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  1. What i don’t het is, the event for these missions starts on 15th of December right? But the calendar ends on 24. So all the missions we do for the first two weeks will be counted for the event and we get the material boxes from the 15th? Or will the material missions start on 15 and continue after 24 as normal daily missions?


  2. So to activate it you have to go to the store where you can buy gold tanks. That’s a a big no-no for a compulsive buyer like me…… Damn you WG, you dubious clever bastardos!!!!!!!!!

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  3. that popup window takes too long to open so I close it at once every time…..TBH most of the time it is full of shit they try to sell us…….now I feel like an idiot 😦


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