T-29 Coming as New Year’s Gift!

Link to Stats

T-29 was spotted in a teaser video on the WoT youtube channel. Even if Evilly mentioned several months ago that there will be no more gift tanks, I still consider they would give us something this year.


22 thoughts on “T-29 Coming as New Year’s Gift!

    1. no gift tank is useless, some people love to moan. You have real first world issues “the online game that I play doesn’t give me the online gift I want”

      How truly pathetic!!!

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    2. Stavros – to be fair it wouldnt matter if it was tier 1 or tier 10..either way it would be useless in your hands I suspect.. much lke the rest of your garage.


    1. It has quite solid stats for a Tier 3, especially when it comes to firepower. I’ll personnally slap a strong crew+equipments and it will work just fine.

      The BT-7A and T-45 are gifts too and are notoriously known as fun and strong respectively.

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