9.21 Test #2 – Extra Changes

From RU portal:

-The cost of equipment is no longer highlighted in red if the player has enough credits to purchase it;
-The client does not hang anymore when you are in observer mode.

FV217 Badger:

The reload time has been extended from 8.1 s to 8.5 s.


The aiming time has been increased from 2.4 seconds to 2.7 seconds;
Aim scatter distribution was increased from 0.12 to 0.14 m (nerf).


9 thoughts on “9.21 Test #2 – Extra Changes

  1. They ELC Even cannot fight off even tanks 2 tiers lower, yet the still nerf its gun further.
    How are you supposed to support your team, when team starts to fail again to shoot spotted targets? How are you supposed to fight tier 8-10 with that kind of gun in the endgame of a match ? 240 alpha/175mm pen in a 3 shot clip wont scares anybody in tier 8 to 10 matches, you ll struggle to pen while they feast on you. I cannot understand such stupidity.

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