WoT Supertest: Aufklärungspanzer V 105 (alternative gun being tested)

Another update about the upcoming tier VIII premium vehicle, Aufklärungspanzer V. It’s statistics were updated recently, but now WG is testing it again; this time with an alternative gun option: a 10.5 cm gun. This gun is polar opposite from very accurate 7.5 cm gun with poor alpha damage and high rate of fire – the 10.5 cm has poor accuracy and penetration but high alpha damage and powerful HE shells. WG will test both gun options and decide which one will be used for the finalized vehicle when it is ready to be released.


17 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Aufklärungspanzer V 105 (alternative gun being tested)


    Jokes aside.

    How about no ? Like the AFK Panther was known for its 7.5cm gun. For being a DPM Monster which could rely on ramming from time to time. Please Wargaming, just stay as it is and don’t introduce a random wannabe derpgun noone wants!

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  2. most stupid idea ever, if they wanna make derp gun, do like T49 with 900alpha, than it will be ok, but 330 alpha derp gun on tier VIII? What a joke… 😦


    1. I’ve started playing my M41 GF with HEP shells only since last weekend. It’s hilarious; it’s the ultimate flanker and light tank killer; combine that Derp with Ramming speed and you will be feared by all LT drivers.

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      1. Except you can’t fire HEP at any Russian or chinese (light-)tanks. These are immune to HE. Of course. High tier super heavys are immune as well, even when flanked. Don’t overestimate this tank. Its good but its not god

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    2. Its AP with 160 pen and 330 alpha. For a tier 8 LT, that is stupidly strong, actually, especially when it has for some odd reason insanely low aim time and pretty good reload. The HE also has increased pen.

      Though, I still prefer the 7.5 cm gun with it’s original statistics.


  3. wg HQ: it’s German right? OK so lets take that T6 105 and put it on the T8.. it will be perfect against the high alpha auto loaders.and tanks that are immune to HE. LOL, no, it will fucking die every time.. but it’s German.. and we are cunt bag commie pricks.. so lets fuck Germany over again.


  4. With it’s weight, engine power and the 10.5’s HE this tank would be the ultimate LT hunter. Ram them and pwn them with HE.


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