9.21 Update CC Q&A


  • More customization options for tanks are on their way and will be shown soon. It’s an entirely new system, new interface, and new way to interact with elements that will allow players to further personalize the looks of their tanks.
  • We will have Styles sets, which basically consist of a set of camos that you can quickly apply to your tank if you don’t want to spend too much time with the feature but still want to change your tanks visual aspects.
  • We’re going to test the new effects, paints and styles on tier 8 premium and tier 10 tanks at first. It’s a complete overhaul of the texturing system on the game engine side, and we’re only getting started – we will be releasing the whole feature in phases, with each one adding more features to allow players to really make their tanks look unique.
  • There will be all sorts of crazy options, including non-historical ones, but we will provide players with the option to hide all non-historical things with a check-box for those who want to keep the game as authentic as it is right now.
  • Players who have purchased current camouflages, emblems and inscriptions using gold before the release of new customization system will get to keep them. For players who have used credits, compensation will be provided with the release of the new customization feature.
  • The camo bonuses will remain unchanged with this new customization system – they will only apply to the hull of your tanks.
  • Customization options will be purchasable for gold, but we will also make them available for rent in exchange of credits. The rental system will be based on battles, not real time, as we experiment to find out what players like the most between rental per battles or per time period.
  • We’re still working on the pricing for new customization elements. We’re taking the time to get it right and ensure players will enjoy the new feature, and we’ll communicate the final prices as we get closer to release.
  • Regarding styles sets, we also plan for the future to release different themed styles, like themed after historical events. There are not coming right away though as we first want to focus on making the system work for everyone.
  • Some camos, like the historical ones, will be limited to certain nations. Others however will be applicable across nations.


  • Working on upgrading maps to HD is very heavy on resources and time consuming. When we switch the client to HD maps, it will be for all maps, as we can’t run a mix of old, SD maps with the new HD ones side by side.
  • Currently we’re working to make sure we have enough maps turned to HD for their release – but we’re not willing to commit to a release date just now. We’re almost there though, and we’re definitely looking at months, not years, when talking about a release window. We do not want to upset players by announcing a date and then having to postpone it.
  • We are also very happy that we’ve made enough progress with HD maps to now start thinking about creating new ones, or bringing back old ones. We could for example consider new maps with an Asian theme, or getting inspired by some maps available on World of Tanks for console. Diversification of maps is very important to us, and while we’re not making any promise, locations is something we’re working on.
  • We are also aware the current map selection system is not perfect, and we’re working on improving it. We like the idea of allowing players to veto some maps, but we need to take into consideration the core gameplay of the game when thinking about such features, making sure it’s not breaking any core game mechanics. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is to implement when listing all the things such a feature could potentially break. Because of this we’re not really considering a veto system for maps at the moment. Our developers are however tackling the question of how our servers are putting maps that our players want to play up first, and we’re not discarding any option on how to do that. We just need to figure out the challenges posed by our tech first.
  • When moving maps to HD, our priority was to make sure the core gameplay of these maps remain unchanged, maintaining the sidelines, the covers etc. We did however change some items so that they better fit the HD improvements of the maps, but we have people spending a lot of time checking everything out carefully to ensure consistency. Some things will change, but we aim for nothing game breaking to happen. If you do notice any change impacting the gameplay negatively, please let us know! We want to make the game look beautiful without breaking it.
  • We also switched off hundreds of climbs already, but our players are very creative and continue to find new ones. We can’t promise we’ll ever get them all, but please let us know when you find some as they are definitely not intended by our map designers.
  • We are not considering implementing gun collision on tanks, we believe there are loads of reasons why this is a bad idea from a pure gameplay perspective.

Tank Balancing

  • Looking at Japanese Heavy tanks, and in particular at the statistics, we don’t think they are crazy or overpowered, but we do know that they hurt skilled players the most, as they are easy to play for more inexperienced players. There is certainly an emotional weight to it, and we’re looking at it very carefully. We’re currently thinking that we need to tackle the question of shell types globally, better understand how they are used.
  • We have a lot of ideas and plans for new tanks, but nothing we can share with you today unfortunately. Expect great stuff on this next year!
  • We have made a whole bunch of changes to tank lines over the year in order to try to make each line make more sense. We are always considering all options when retiring or replacing tanks in a line, and we always vote internally for our favorite solution. Sometimes we split the tree in two and allow all players to choose to unlock either the old tank, or the new one, but it also happens that we just decide to make some tanks a relic for various reasons.
  • We are going to continue our work on this of course, and we hope at some point we will also revisit some tanks that have been left alone so far, such as CW rewards tanks for example. This will require some time before we get to these though.


  • Current data shows the matchmaking is working as we expected, but still has some issues. We’re very aware it requires more work, and we’re looking at tweaking and polishing it further.
  • The system is very complex and because of that we need to be extremely careful when changing the way it works.

New Year’s Event

  • This year again we will have the in-game event to celebrate the end of the year with all our players. For those who have played it last year, it will be similar, with some significant improvements we hope players will enjoy.
  • One big change is the fact that the entire garage will be customizable this year, with different styles and effects which can be applied to the snowman, the tree, the house…etc.
  • We also made some changes to the way the crafting system works, and replaced the recipes with a machine that creates toys from the rewards obtained through the crates.

41 thoughts on “9.21 Update CC Q&A

  1. “We are going to continue our work on this of course, and we hope at some point we will also revisit some tanks that have been left alone so far, such as CW rewards tanks for example. This will require some time before we get to these though.”

    These should actually be a BIG priority since they are rewards for competitive play. This year with the new campaign you already managed to get so many player pissed off that they are not even bothering with the campaign at all and we have CW reward tanks which where underpowered/-performing at release that *REALLY* need to be fixed ASAP.

    Things like the Chieftain/T95 which is just laughable and the T95E6, both of these have a cupola the size of the moon without any effective armour and the T8 one also suffers from penetration/mobility issues on top of that.

    The M60 should have been buffed at the same time as the Patton did.

    The 121B needs a DPM buff above everything else.

    907 is too good and needs a nerf in the armour.

    KV-4 Kres needs to have it’s from plate made the same armour thickness as the standard KV-4.

    IS-5 needs better engine power and less potato gun handling.

    T23E3 is actually quite fine, its probably the most balanced of the bunch funnily enough.

    VK2701 is fine as it is as well.


      1. Idon’t think that the A45 need a buff at all, maybe to be more like the branch a little armor buff but that’s it, it have the second best dpm of tier 7 heavy, good pen and accuracy, ok mobility and armor. I don’t see a big problem with this tank.


        1. Yeah. On paper, the FV201 A45 doesn’t seem very good for tier VII, but in practice it often carries matches. I think it’s the combination of a really robust turret, a reliable gun, and good snap-shot abilities.


    1. Means they’re doing it on purpose. Thinking that the MM is broken isn’t the right train of thought. It’s intended to do what it is doing.


    2. Idk about you guys, but from what I have seen, tier 6 and 8 MM has at least partially been fixed. I’ve often seen tier 6 and 8 as top tiers in the last time. Just my personal experience tho


      1. cant agree to tier 8 but tier 6 and 7 are the most fun MM right now.
        would love to see more 5x tier 9/10x tier 8 or tier 8 only battles, that would be awesome!


        1. my experience in tier 7 has been awful….I started playing AMX M4 45 again to gather xp for new French heavy tanks……..out of 17 battles I was top tier once middle tier 3 times and 13 times I was bottom tier….I played those battles over the past weekend(not all in one day)….and to light the mood I played tier 6 too……bottom tier all the time…..it was a fun weekend…..but on the bright side I manage to get in top group in march of nations with WZ132


      2. Tier 8 is fucked up. On average of 20 games, we still get bottom MM 65-70% of the time. Tier 9 MM seems to be the best ever since the whole new system was implemented.


  2. Their answers really read like that they finally are completely detached from their customer base.

    They serve and provide and we swallow.
    And all is good and all is fine because all the issue they gotten feedback on are not actual issues plaguing their product.


  3. >Looking at Japanese Heavy tanks, and in particular[…]

    So they either saying these things magically preform better when they are on the hands of some red dumb-dumbs, or; they are saying experienced player can’t use them as effective as those who lack of experience. Good.


    1. Or they’re saying that those tanks are so easy to play that even unexperienced players can play and beat experienced players.

      When people want to find flaws…


        1. First of all it’s armor profile, it doesn’t have any proper weakspots, yet at the same time no tough spots either. It now can angle a bit atleast but it still doesn’t require much. That means it’s very effective against regular ammo but not really good against premium one (unless at longer ranges where you can’t hit where you aim).
          Oh, and did I mention BS side armor, where you have to hit the part just below the turret or your shell has a high chance of being absorbed?

          Then there is the gun, which is just RNG fest. You have shit accuracy and gun handling, so whether you hit depends on RNG. You have HE mechanic, so how much damage you do depends on RNG. Guns like this also negate any kind of armor usage like sidescraping, hiding weakspots, going hulldown etc. You hit – you do damage. It also does a ton of module damage, which again is just complete RNG.

          The skill floor and skill ceiling of this tank are extremely low, meaning even a bad player can play it fairly effectively, and good player cannot really get that much more out of it.

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  4. Among all the negative of the post, i just want to say “The rental system will be based on battles, not real time” is a welcome change.


    1. oath. If they can turn premium time like that as well I recon WG would see increased sales. I know heaps of people that only play 5 matches a week if that so premium time is pointless for them


    2. Yes and no. Depends on how much you play. Players who are on all day and get in 20 battles on a rental of say 25 battles will be buying camo daily as opposed to 7/30 days. Others who don’t play often will welcome it because it might take them a week to run 20 battles in 1 vehicle.


  5. Gun collision makes me laugh. Single collision and it bends, rendering it unusable. Imagine how careful you’d have to be about your gun … oh boy, we need more female players :’)


  6. -Looking at Japanese Heavy tanks, and in particular at the statistics, we don’t think they are crazy or overpowered, but we do know that they hurt skilled players the most

    Or maybe they could have listened to the players when the Type 4/5’s 15cm gun was still in test… AND NOT ADDED IT! Seriously, the T49 and Sheridan are fine with 152mm derp guns because it can load something other then HE and its premium HE isn’t ridiculous. Seriously, just remove the 15cm guns and buff the 14cm

    – “We’re currently thinking that we need to tackle the question of shell types globally, better understand how they are used.”

    Maybe they will finally rebalance premium ammo. Drop the cost but reduce the damage by the % that penetration is increased, same as on Blitz

    – ” we just decide to make some tanks a relic for various reasons”

    I wonder what the reason for removing the FV215b from the branch was. I mean, we went from a tank based on the FV215b 183 to a tank based on a range target. What’s the reason for removing the FV215b 183 from the line? Why not work it in somewhere else? I really do love how no example or reason is actually shared here.

    – “We are going to continue our work on this of course, and we hope at some point we will also revisit some tanks that have been left alone so far”

    ohhhh maybe the train wreck that is the American TD lines will get addressed finally. Ignoring the T30 (because it’s a HT, not a TD), out of the 15 US TDs in the tech tree, 4 are fake, and 1 is unhistorical. Incidentally all of them being tier 7 or higher, right about the tiers that WG have shown interest in fiddling with recently


  7. Be nice if the Japanese heavy line got tuned a bit. Presently they are the least fun tank to fight against. Not because they are super heavily armored (that too) but because they require zero skill to deal severe damage. A player can do everything right, good position, using their tanks advantages, etc. But a Japanese heavy driver just needs to lob a derp shell and deal 500 damage.


    1. I’d redirect you to their ASAP2014 video to understand why they avoid making official announcements anymore 🙂
      “All tanks will be HD by the end of the year” – it took 4 years
      “Havok will soon be in the game” – still not planned, the fancy effects of the HD maps are nowhere near what was advertised then
      So when they said “HD maps by summer”, I’m sure it was a mistake or an unofficial announcement, because they saw what happened last time they gave us dates lol


  8. All japanese tanks are bullshit with HE, I have been hit a few times by the fucking Oni for 800-900 on the side of my medium tenk trying to flank, that is stupid that is like being hit by a tier 10 TD for fuck sake, and they don’t even have any real weakspots frontaly.


  9. #derp gun lives matter.

    Stop this constant hate against derp guns with your oh its no skill to use. It’s damn random battles and it is supposed to be fun and different ( random). Go play ranked or clan wars for your skill based shit. It will be a sad day when the only gun you can have on KV2 is the 107.

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    1. The thing that pisses everyone off is that people have been complaining for years that arty did too much damages ; and when they finaly decide to nerf the alpha of SPGs they also add an HE gun that does damage comparable to high tier pre-nerf arty, on a heavy tank that is immune to even gold ammo frontaly…

      People complain about unarmored tanks with low hp that do too much damage and ruin the game, so they remove their damage and instead put it back on other tanks with the most hp and armor in the game. That’s what the problem is with Type 4 and 5: they’re the pre-“nerf” arty with overpowered armor and insane amounts of HP.


    2. IDK if ur trolling or not, but your missing point entirely. It’s not about derp guns people are hating on. It’s that the Type 4 and 5 heavies have derp guns that have gold shells that are just better than standard. Making them have an extremely toxic play style as they always do damage regardless of armour and have impenetrable armour themselves. It really is not a in tank to play against regardless of who u are.


    3. All the Japanese heavy tanks requires NO BRAIN to be played properly, this fucking bs doesn’t help the game, it just creates a toxic game experience for everyone.


  10. — We also switched off hundreds of climbs already, but our players are very creative and continue to find new ones. We can’t promise we’ll ever get them all, but please let us know when you find some as they are definitely not intended by our map designers. —
    GOOD, hate all those climb cheaters


  11. Well that part on HD maps caused me headaches. “we did not change much gameplay wise …“
    Can someone show this guys please the HD version of Erlenberg? The complete NW is changed. And not just slightly, but with a bulldozer. Almost completely flat up to the castle, without bushes or anything. Just a pure death zone!

    Besides that the maps looks great (as in pretty), but the gameplay will change quite dramatically.


  12. So people who paid gold for camo have to stick with what they have and people who paid silver get compensation???? …..That is pretty low…..you are doing over the people who keep you running.


  13. First time in a long time that WG sounds reasonable. I think i like it but i will wait with my euphoria. “We could for example consider new maps with an Asian theme, or getting inspired by some maps available on World of Tanks for console” FINALLY !!!!!!!1


  14. well, they could let players vote on maps – but IMHO not with a direct impact on the map you get for your next matches. because arty players will vote against city maps as well as LTs or “soft” TDs like Grille, Borsig etc.
    on the other hand will HT drivers and guys in T110E3 etc. vote for city maps. as a result, nobody can really get what he wwants.

    but if they let players vote ingame just in general, they could learn which maps are liked by community and which one are … less liked. though I wonder WG would like the results (Charkov etc. will most likely be dissed by com – like all the new city maps).

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  15. Skilled players = full gold spammers with nearly impenetrable turrets with -10 gun depression peeking ridge lines. That shit needs zero skill whatsoever and deserves to receive some HE, HESH, or SPG compensation. One thing that helps less skilled Type Player is that the tank is so slow that you can hardly fcuk up everything in first minutes of the game (even if you try).


  16. Nobody here cares a shit about the Map situation, or lack of new Maps over 3 years almost?

    Tanks play on a digital world called a “Map” in WOT this vital important area is where we ALL play our tanks

    These Maps influence everything a lot more than ‘new tanks’ or good/ tomato players/ teams
    ~ as its where all players get better or worse, most new players are like sheep in todays WOT ‘balanced, fixed’ Maps
    ~ its also a major factor in OUR enjoyment of the game i.e. good Maps and regular New Maps if ever.

    Corridor Maps and open Maps and City Maps dictate exclusively YOUR enjoyment or importantly your complete lack of enjoyment

    WG are fat lazy self serving shits when it comes to the WOT Maps

    ~ many good Maps that we all enjoyed in the past were deleted 3 years ago, this “for reasons” .. for new meta of corridor/ brawling/ die fast turbo battles

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