HD Erlenberg: Map Video #2


00:05 – many fixes related to map balancing have been introduced. The river can be crossed anywhere;
02:47 – Ultra settings;
08:19 – possibility to change the map border;
09:46 – Low settings.


12 thoughts on “HD Erlenberg: Map Video #2

    1. They are pushing players closer together by making these noman’s lands. It also doesn’t allow TDs to sit and double bush snipe like you see on other maps. SO STOP COMPLAINING or else they’ll turn it into another corridor map. If you notice the eastern ridge is almost all gone too to keep people from sitting back and sniping with immunity from reprisal.

      What I don’t think I like is the sniper’s ridge in the north east as it’s a strong point for the north team.

      Overall the map looks more natural and realistic in terms of building placement and terrain features. I even approve of the “fort” on the west bank of the river at the middle bridge because that’s where you would see these type of strongholds in medieval times.


      1. I think you misunderstood me, I’m all for making the maps open and strategical and removing those dumb corridors. But the problem with north-west area is that it’s so open that no one will go there, because if they get spotted they have no cover. So basicly that part of the map is non-existant, they could just aswell have placed a lake there. And the west TD hill provided TDs with a good elevated sniping position. We can’t have all 5 classes in the game going to the same spots and fighting in the same way. TDs are supposed to snipe, and for that they need good positions where they can provide fire support over an large area. If they’re forced to go around corners (no turret) every time they want to shoot, they’ll just get permatracked and killed.


        1. Right, this is WG’s attempt to get players to move closer and to possibly direct where players will go on a map when running a specific tank type. However I feel this might not be as blatantly bad as Nebelberg because WG is trying to fix the meta and get the north team to move to the east.
          Also, I’d say the middle of the map is more appealing now so that more players will play there. Lots of cover for HTs/TDs and small enough to be able to move around with MTs and LTs.

          I disagree with you that TDs are supposed to snipe. The best TD players have their TDs right up front with the push/allies. I don’t mean 1st line, but they are close support of the first line, and not waiting on the redline for the team to die. But I feel that the space in the NW is large enough that TDs can sit back a bit and fire, they’ll just have no camo cover so it’ll take moving around a bit to keep from being spotted while still firing.


          1. I think you can get into cover by driving into the river since it’s very shallow now and doesn’t have steep edges, but other than that there are just a few bushes. I suspect the HD version of Erlenberg will play almost as if it was a completely new map.


  1. This map is not bad because of the design, it is bad because the meta is rushing one side leaving the entire other flank empty. If people from both sides would go to both flanks then it would be better like in the old days.


    1. That is a terrible meta because the SW can be held up by the south team long enough for the east flank to roll the whole 9-0 side. Players need to stop being lemmings and abandoning the 9-0 side. It’s insta-win for the south team.


  2. Most maps are unballanced just because people don’t push both sides and yeah, TDs and arty camping at certan spots making it impossible to push. It is silly how many maps gets turned into shit just because campers stay behind bushes or hills sniping.


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